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Which is Best? (2024 Guide) Studelp

(Disclaimer: To support my blog, I may use affiliate links in this post. Rest assured, they do not affect my reviews.)

Key reasons to choose CourseCareers:

CourseCareers Vs Careerist
  • For courses on Tech Sales, IT, UI UX, Human Resources, Software Development, Frontend Software Development, Backend Software Development, Software DevOps, and Data Analytics.
  • Low cost.
  • Recorded lectures (with lifetime access) to learn at your pace.
  • Free Introductory lessons and weekly group coaching sessions.

Key reasons to choose Careerist:

CourseCareers Vs Careerist
  • For courses on Manual QA, QA Automation, QA Bundle, and Sales Engineering.
  • Comparatively high cost.
  • Live and interactive classes to learn in real-time.
  • Free Consultation, 1:1 Career Coaching, and Internship opportunity.
  • Claims to offer a 100% money-back guarantee (with certain conditions) in all programs if you don’t land a job.

In the dynamic landscape of online education and career development, choosing the right platform is crucial.

CourseCareers and Careerist, are both well-known training platforms and great competitors to each other. If you’re on the fence between these platforms, make sure you read this article till the end.

In this CourseCareers Vs Careerist review, we’re going to compare and contrast them at every important point such as cost, courses they offer, job placement, and more. This will help you to choose the platform that best meets your needs and aligns with your learning goals.


Let’s dive straight into it…

What are CourseCareers and Careerists?

CourseCareers Vs Careerist: CourseCareers dashboard
CourseCareers Vs Careerist: Careerist dashboard

CourseCareers and Careerist are both educational training platforms that offer courses in high-demand tech fields such as Tech Sales, QA Automation, UX Design, and more.

The best part? You don’t require any prior knowledge or experience to enroll in any of their programs.

All their programs begin with the basics, providing you with fundamental knowledge about the industry. They then progress to advanced levels, equipping you with the skills needed to enter the workforce confidently. This comprehensive approach ensures that you are well-prepared and ready to secure a job with ease.

What sets these platforms apart is that CourseCareers’ programs include free introductory classes, recorded lectures (for lifetime access), weekly group coaching sessions (even after program completion), and a Discord community for career support. In contrast, Careerist’s programs include free consultations, live classes, real-world internships, and 1:1 career coaching.

Please note that Careerist also claims to offer a 100% money-back guarantee (with certain conditions) in all its programs if you don’t land a job within one year of graduation, while CourseCareers does not make such claims.

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Courses Offered by CourseCareers and Careerist:

The common factor between CourseCareers and Careerist is that both platforms offer limited programs in leading tech fields. A professional degree is not required to pursue a career in these industries.

Currently, CourseCareers provides programs in 10 fields: Technology Sales, IT, UI UX, Human Resources, Software Development, Frontend Software Development, Backend Software Development, Software DevOps, and Data Analytics. On the other hand, Careerist offers programs in four fields: Manual QA, QA Automation, QA Bundle, and Sales Engineering.

The Sales Engineering program offered by Careerist and the Technology Sales program offered by CourseCareers is very similar. Let’s delve deeper into this specific program.

(For detailed information on the rest of their programs, I highly recommend reading my reviews of CourseCareers and Careerist, where I provide in-depth explanations of all their offerings.)

Technology Sales Vs Sales Engineering:

Sales engineering and Technology Sales are both roles typically found in companies that sell software, such as Microsoft, HubSpot, or others. Many companies consider these two job profiles as the same.

If you don't know, Technology Sales refers to the process of selling technology products and services to businesses and consumers. That's why it is sometimes also referred to as Sales Engineering.

This field is a crucial component of the technology industry, as it involves promoting and distributing products such as software, hardware, cloud services, telecommunications equipment, and more.

Now let’s talk about how their programs and course curricula differ from each other…

CourseCareers Technology Sales Program:

Technology Sales is one of the highest-enrolled programs in CourseCareers, and I discovered the most positive reviews about this program when I asked several CourseCareers graduates for feedback on the courses they pursued.

This CourseCareers program in Tech Sales is designed for a 3-month duration (10 hours per week) of training, which includes a total of 5 modules: sales basics, sales skills, sales technology, sales process, and interview preparation.

The best part? You get the first 3 free industry lectures to understand this industry, the course curriculum, and career opportunities in this field. These introductory lessons can also be helpful for you to determine whether this course and career field are of interest to you.

In this technology sales program, you will learn everything that will make you ready for entry-level jobs. For example, in the Sales Skills module, you will learn about outreach strategy, cold email and cold calling, LinkedIn outreach, and other tactics to find leads and convert them.

In the subsequent modules, you will interact with certain tools and understand CRM, Sales Engagement, Sales Data, Sales Methodology, and more. After completing all the lessons, including interview preparation, you will be asked to take the final exam, where your score matters a lot in landing a high-paying job. For more information, you may also read this: CourseCareers Tech Sales Review (2023)

Careerist Sales Engineering Program:

This is also one of the most enrolled courses on Careerist, and I found a good number of positive reviews for this course as well. This tech sales program is designed for a 9-week training period, with 6 weeks dedicated to learning and 3 weeks for an internship.

The program starts from scratch, and each week introduces a new module for learning. The first week begins with an introduction to sales engineering and mindset training before delving into technical topics.

In the following weeks, you will attend classes in both sales and technical subjects. You’ll receive sales training covering product demos, chalk talks, communication, CRM, and customer negotiations.

For technical training, you will delve into major tech topics such as IT, software design and development, cloud computing, networking, and security. All of these are essential skills if you plan to work in these technical domains.

In the last week, you’ll receive career guidance and interview skills training, making you a job-ready candidate.

CourseCareers’ tech sales program focuses on building your sales skills and preparing you for an entry-level job. On the other hand, the Careerist tech sales program emphasizes developing your sales skills while also providing technical training in areas such as IT, cloud computing, networking, and security.

Ultimately, the choice between the CourseCareers and Careerist tech sales programs depends on your learning goals, budget, and the industry in which you want to work. If you aspire to be a sales engineer in cloud computing or IT and prefer live classes, the Careerist program may be the better fit.

Alternatively, if you are interested in working in other industries as a sales representative and prefer recorded classes to learn at your own pace, you may want to consider the CourseCareers program. Opting for CourseCareers can also be a cost-effective choice, as it is more affordable than the Careerist sales engineering program.

CourseCareers Vs Careerist: How much do they cost?

Interested in knowing how much CourseCareers and Careerist charge for their programs? Allow me to share the costs and assess whether they offer value for money.

For most programs such as Tech Sales, IT, UI UX, Data Analytics, and Human Resources, CourseCareers costs $499, while its Software Development programs are priced at $799.

Regardless of the program chosen, you can also opt for four bi-weekly payments of $150 or $250, depending on the program. If you sign up through our affiliate link, you may qualify for a $50-100 discount on any program you purchase.

The best part? CourseCareers provides a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t find the program worthwhile, you can request a refund.

Careerist has varying costs for its programs. The Manual QA program is priced at $4900, the QA Automation program at $4900, the QA Bundle program at $6900, and Sales Engineering at $4620.

(Note: these costs apply when making a one-time payment. If you require other financial options, the program costs may increase.)

Indeed, Careerist programs’ costs are notably higher than all CourseCareers programs. However, it’s worth mentioning that Careerist offers live classes with real-time interaction, whereas CourseCareers provides recorded lectures with lifetime access.

A notable aspect of Careerist is its frequent substantial discounts, sometimes up to 40%, on all its programs. You can check for ongoing Careerist discounts or wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. (To stay updated on their discounts, you can subscribe to my newsletter. As an affiliate, we receive the first notification of any discounts they offer.)

In deciding between CourseCareers and Careerist, consider your budget and whether you prefer live classes or recorded lectures.

Job and Career Assitance Offered by CourseCareers and Careerist:

As mentioned at the beginning, both CourseCareers and Careerist are platforms that aim to help you land a job after completing a course. Let’s discuss which one excels in this regard.

CourseCareers’ programs include a dedicated module for job training and career assistance. You will receive guidance on portfolio creation, resume building, social network development, LinkedIn profile optimization, interview skills, and more.

Additionally, you will have weekly career coaching sessions with mentors to help you transition from graduation to securing a job. Upon completing any CourseCareers program and qualifying for its final exam, you will also receive a Certificate of Compliance and gain access to its Discord community to build your network and showcase your skills.

It’s important to note that CourseCareers does not claim to offer a job guarantee. The best they can do is add you to their employer database, allowing employers seeking entry-level talent to contact you directly for interviews.

Now, let’s delve into Careerist’s job and career assistance…

Similar to CourseCareers, Careerist’s programs include resume and LinkedIn profile optimization, along with job training. You will also have 1:1 career coaching with a mentor for one year, which may enhance your chances of securing a job.

Furthermore, you will receive certificates at various stages of your training. These certificates can be added to your resume and LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills. Careerist takes it a step further by providing a job and a money-back guarantee (read terms and conditions).

CourseCareers Vs Careerist: My Final Verdict

If you want to pursue a career in any tech field without having a college degree, you can explore various courses offered by CourseCareers and Careerist. Although these platforms offer courses in different fields, one program, Tech Sales, is common to both platforms.

If you’re still unsure about which platform to choose, allow me to give you the final verdict…

If you’re looking for affordable programs and want job-ready skills in the tech field, you may consider CourseCareers. With low costs, CourseCareers offers recorded lectures that you can learn at your own pace. You will also get lifetime access to the program, allowing you to revisit the material whenever you want.

In contrast, Careerist programs may be suitable for those who prefer live classes with real-time learning and can afford their programs. Please note that the choice between CourseCareers and Careerist depends on your learning goals, budget, and the career path you choose.

Now It’s Your Turn:

So, in this CourseCareers Vs Careerist review, I discussed everything you need to know about them, from the programs they offer to how much they cost and whether they are worth it.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful for starting a career in a new tech field.

Now, I’d like to hear from you:

Which platform are you going to choose?

If you’re looking for alternatives to these platforms, please check out the review section. If you have further questions regarding these platforms, let me know in the comments.



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