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What’s In My Camera Bag 2020?

I have always loved seeing these on Instagram or watching youtube videos to see what other people like to carry around on shoots or class as the essentials so I thought I would share what is my camera bag at the start of this new year. Below are photos of what goes into my camera bag read more for the details of each item. Please let me know in the comments what your essentials are!

What’s In My Camera Bag 2020

1. Canon 1300D, the camera I have been using for a few years now I will be taking it with me into the new year and hopefully it will do my as well as it has the past few. See more about this camera here. Purchase it from Amazon here

Of course any photographer always carries around at least one camera body some have more than one but I do not have the funding nor the need for this. So this is my one and only body.

2. Spare Camera Battery, because my camera takes lithium-ion this particular one is a LP-E10. I always make sure this battery is fully charged. Even the thought of being out with my camera and being about to take the perfect photograph then my battery dies and I lose that opportunity. Better safe than sorry as they say

3. 18-55mm F3.5-5.6, just the basic kit lens that I got when I bought the body. Reliable enough to get it done.

4. 50mm F1.8, the nifty fifty an essential for every photographer. Cheap, compact, perfect fro portraits there is not a good reason to not have one of these as part of your kit so here it is coming with me for another year. Amazon

5. 55-250mm F4-5.6, my only telephoto lens, one of the cheaper options with a larger zoom, I do not often use telephotos as I don’t need access to the zoom because I do not do much wildlife photography or anything that warrants its use.

If you would like more details on my lenses check it out here!

6. Urbanears Jakan earphones,

these are bluetooth headphones I will be carrying these into the new year because I can’t always wear my headphones but wireless is my favourite way to go when it comes to headphones and other braided fabric means that these do not get tangled up easily in my pocket.

7. Apple earphones, these are just the basic earbuds that you get when you buy an iPhone, these are always in my bag because I have a couple pairs ad they are really a last option If I don’t have any other choice because they don’t need charging ad the sound quality isn’t bad. I always like to have music with me especially when I am travelling so that is why I keep so many pairs of earphones in my bag at all times.

I also do not want to buy the AirPods as they area little pricey in my opinion for what they are so I stick with these for basic use.

8&9. Beats studio3 Wireless and Case, this is the last pair of headphones/ earphones on this list I promise. These are always my go to especially on long travel because of there comfort and the sound quality. These are relatively new just a few months old so of course these had to be in my what’s in my cameras bag for this year because in no way will I be leaving these behind at any point this year. If you wanna check out my full review of these headphones here, I would definitely check this out if you are wondering whether to buy these headphones. Check out these headphones here

10. MicroFibre Cloth, that is it really for this one. There is not really anything special, I am not the only person who has this as part of their essentials. Of course I have to keep my lenses clean so my photographs don’t come out with marks over them. These are so cheap so it just goes in a little pocket so the glass stays nice and clear. You can buy these most places because people use them for phones.

11. SD cards, I have a 32GB SanDisk which I mostly use for personal use because it has much larger storage so can take many more RAW photographs and the Hama 4GB is used more of a backup or for college work but I always make sure I have storage before a shoot or I may have to redo the shoot and then have wasted time.

12. SD TO USB, a converter because my laptop does not have an SD card reader and this way I can put my photos onto my laptop quite easily. Have to keep this I my bag in c are I was to edit my photos so I can get them done whilst travelling or sat with little internet.

13. Camera Air Blower, now I am not sure if that is the official name of this product but that was all I could find when I tried to google it. Now it might look a little bit like some weird contraption but it is pretty simple it just blows air into your camera to get there smaller pieces of dust that are stuck in the small gaps or grooves of your camera body or lens. Again this is just to keep it all clean to make sure my outcomes are looking good.

14. USB-C to USB wire, this converts the USB-C port to USB, as I said my laptop doesn’t have many ports so to connect anything external to my laptop I have to use this which can beat annoying but it means I have to carry it around with my all the time. Hopefully this year I will upgrading to one which goes into multiple USBs and SD card slots aswell. So this might not stay with me through all of 2020.

15. Toshiba Portable hard drive 1TB, This is needed because if I have filled up my SD card but still have another day shooting then I need to get all those photos off before I go back home if i can sit down for 10 minutes in a coffee shop or wherever whilst I’m on holiday or on a trip and download those photos and remove them off my SD card it is a lot of help and allows. me to continue.

16. Joby GorillaPod, in all honesty and I know it is strange for a photographer but I do not often use a tripod when I’m out, I mostly use them at college when I am doing studio work. So I just have a little one in case I really have to keep my camera up without just balancing it on something. Tripods can just often be expensive and bulky and when carrying around my other gear I do not need the extra weight especially if I am going on a long walk or have limited space. If you are looking for a tripod check this out

17. MacBook Pro 2019 w TouchBar 13.3″ I have the space grey model of this laptop it has been a more recent purchase and has allowed me to get into blogging much more. I always carry this with me as it gives me access to photoshop and illustrator and I also do most of my Pinterest work on it. One of my favourite things I carry around with me without a doubt. As you ca see in there image I also use bridge this helps me sort through successful and unsuccessful shots of a shoot so they don’t take up unnecessary space on my memory card or hard drive.

18. IPhone 7 Plus. This is not in the main photo because I used my phone to take the photo and also it is not technically in my bag, usually in my back pocket, but I thought since it is such a big part of my kit I should include it in this list. I mean it is pretty obvious why I carry my phone around however I also use it for maps and to scout out ay good photo opportunities or spots. I currently have a pop stand at the back of my phone so I can use it to watch youtube and Netflix and I spend a few hours a week doing so, this comes in handy to stand it when my hands get tired after an hour or so.

Hope you guys enjoyed checking out what I carry around for most of my photography shoots, let me know if yours is similar!! Any blog posts you would like to see stick them in the comments or email me at [email protected] x

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