University of Bremen PROMOS Scholarship Program in Germany for 2023/2024

About the PROMOS Scholarship Program:

The PROMOS Scholarship program is designed to support students at the University of Bremen in their international endeavors, including studying abroad, internships, and language immersion programs. It provides financial assistance for up to four months per Bachelor’s or Master’s study session and can be used for full-time student mobility worldwide. Additionally, a one-time contribution of 500 euros per course may be utilized for language- or subject-related courses.

Eligibility for the PROMOS Scholarship Program:

  1. Only University of Bremen students pursuing a degree are eligible to apply.
  2. Home country measures are not included in the scholarship.
  3. Countries with travel advisories from the German Foreign Office are excluded.
  4. Joint degree program students are eligible to apply if their administrative duty is officially at the University of Bremen at the time of application.
  5. Doctoral students may occasionally qualify for partial scholarships, but they must meet specific criteria, and their home countries’ policies cannot be endorsed.

Scholarship Amount:

  • Monthly budget for studies, thesis writing, and internships: 350 euros (may be higher in some countries, up to 550 euros).
  • Support for initiatives not covered by specific DAAD funding streams.
  • Scholarships are awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Types of Scholarships Under PROMOS:

  1. Study Scholarships (1 to 4 months):
    • Available for writing final theses and full-time study stays.
    • Doctoral students are not eligible.
    • No subsidies or tuition fees in the Erasmus region.
    • No simultaneous courses in the host country when preparing a final thesis unless the theses are not anchored at colleges or businesses.
  2. Internships (6 weeks to 4 months):
    • Eligible for full-time student internships outside the Erasmus region.
    • PROMOS may finance internships between receiving a bachelor’s degree and beginning a master’s program under certain conditions.
  3. Language Courses (3 weeks to 4 months):
    • A one-time payment of 500 euros may be used for full-time language programs at public and private universities overseas (minimum 25 hours per week).
  4. Subject-Related Courses (up to 6 weeks):
    • Flat-rate subsistence allowance or 500 euros per person subsidy for subject-related courses offered by foreign universities.
    • Additional support available for students with disabilities (at least 50%).

Application Procedure:

  • Applications must be submitted electronically via the online application portal.
  • Each department has a PROMOS Coordinator to whom the online application must be sent.
  • Ensure you submit all required documents.
  • Read all instructions before beginning the application.
  • Deadline for application varies based on the semester of your international activity.

Application Deadlines:

  • October 31 (“Halloween”) for activities starting between January 1 and June 30 of the next academic year.
  • February 28 for activities starting on or after July 1, 2023.

For detailed information and access to the online application portal, visit the university’s official website.

Please note that this summary provides an overview, and applicants should refer to the official university website for comprehensive details and specific requirements.

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