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Two Things That Mattered Most in Our Homeschool — Homegrown Learners

Through God’s abundant grace and His leading me to the right resources, mentors, and experiences, my (now adult!) children are equipped for academic (and social) life beyond our home. My technical job as a homeschool mom is finished, and now I feel called to share things that genuinely WORKED in our homeschool.

In just a couple of months, I will have graduated both of my children from our homeschool. One of our reasons for homeschooling was to give our children an academically consistent and sound education.

My oldest graduates from our state’s liberal arts college in May. She is a recipient of a state-funded scholarship which has received all four years. My son will be attending a private university next fall – a recipient of that institution’s highest scholarship award.

This should ENCOURAGE you! Homeschoolers are well-adjusted, bright children whose parents desire the best and seek out opportunities just for them! If you’re reading this blog, you are committed to your children’s success.

Looking back, I can see how we maintained a singular focus throughout my children’s entire homeschool years. That focus was a wonderful investment of time, energy, and resources. I want to share that focus with you.



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