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Three Winter Poems for Children to Memorize — Homegrown Learners

As it turns out, I’m in good company with my belief that children should memorize poetry. According to Susan Wise Bauer,

…memorization builds into children’s minds an ability to use complex English syntax and stocks the language store with a whole new set of language patterns.

Beautiful poems are such simple gifts we can give our children! I’d like to suggest three poems that your children can easily memorize – and these can be used with ANY age of child (or adult!).

Three Winter Poems for Children to Memorize

Dust of Snow by Robert Frost

“Dust of Snow” was published in the Pulitzer Prize-winning volume of poetry New Hampshire. Frost uses a conventional ABAB rhyme scheme and omits adjectives or adverbs in the poem. This style elucidates the simplicity of the everyday occurrence: a crow taking flight from a tree branch; but, most importantly, Frost shows how such an innocuous action has gravity for the narrator, giving him “a change of mood.” Frost’s uncanny ability to elicit deep-meaning with colloquial and basic language is in full display in this poem.” (source)

I love the ABAB rhyming pattern and the lack of adverbs and adjectives. Kids might enjoy trying to write their own poem in the same manner.



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