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This Week In My Classroom

Hot & Cold

We’ve been working on oposite pairs quite a bit in the new year. This week’s pair was hot and cold. To teach the concept, the SLP who works with my students with and I planned a whole group activity where we used hot hands and ice cubes. Students had the oppertunity to feel both hot and cold. Then, we used a hairdryer to melt the ice.

When we finished, read the book, Hot and Cold by Eric Carle (you can find the read-a-loud version we used here). The pages have symbols that we used as prompts that show ‘hot’ and ‘cold’. The opposite pairs are imbedded into the book on every page so there was a lot of practice oppertunities.

We wrapped up the concept by finding objects and identifying if they were hot or cold and Adjective Bingo



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