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The Wind in the Willows Read Aloud — Homegrown Learners

The Mole had been working very hard all the morning, spring-cleaning his little home‘.

This beginning sentence of The Wind in the Willows brings back sweet memories from my childhood.

As I read this book as an adult, my senses began to awaken! I could hear my mother’s voice reading to me. I could picture my bedroom with the matching curtains and and bed covering my mom had lovingly sewn for me. We would take turns reading aloud about the adventures of mole, rat, badger, and otter.

I didn’t realize then what a gift she was giving me, and it gave me comfort to realize that as her legacy of reading aloud made an impact on me, surely it will make an impact on my own children. Sometimes it feels as if we labor in vain many homeschooling days, but I assure you – our tenacity, love, and consistency produces fruit for generations!



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