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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Breakdown

If you are reading this as a fan to reminisce or remind yourself of a season you may have forgot do not worried I have got you covered. I am going to run through season 1 and talk about the basic storyline some detail but of course not all so please do not be mad that I have missed some parts out. I only included storylines that revolved around the main characters.


Might want to sit down and get ready for this rundown, this is one of my favourite programmes, therefore I am not too sure how much I will be able to stop myself from ranting about the love of it. Now onto the breakdown.

Season 1 (Breakdown not in complete chronological order)

The introductory season. This is the season you get in most shows where it mostly just introduces the characters. Creating the foundations for the show. It is your typical guy meets girl. Elena and Jeremy Gilbert’s parents have died this past summer driving off Wickery Bridge but somehow Elena survived, she later finds out that it was intact Stefan who saved her that day on the bridge. Elena and her brother are under the care of Jenna. So basically Stefan was drawn to the town of Mystic Falls because he saw a girl who looked like old girlfriend Katherine who was supposedly dead. Stefan by the way is a vampire who feeds on animal blood, soon his bad-boy brother Damon shows to disrupt his life and cause mischief. Caroline, one of Elena’s best friends, likes Stefan but end up temporarily dating Damon who it turns out is feeding on her. In this season Bonnie, Elena’s other best friend, finds out she is actually a witch after her grams’ constant rambling. She is the descendant of a very powerful line of witches.

Elena’s ex-boyfriend Matt is a slight secondary character in this season and there is already a lot going on. Matt’s sister Vicki is turned into a vampire by Damon but is killed at the end of the series because she is killing too many people. Stefan turns 162 years old and his oldest friend Lexi turns up for his birthday, we all fall in love with Lexi as a character, better to not get attached though as in episode 8 Damon kills Lexi so the Sheriff does not suspect he is not the vampire causing the killings. A new history teacher joins the school, Alaric but he is secretly a vampire hunter. Bonnie begins to learn about her past and is possessed by a dead family member in a very creepy sleepover.

Throughout this series we have flashbacks to Damon and Stefan before they became vampires and their father. It is revealed that Damon returned to Mystic Falls to get Katherine out of the tomb but it is revealed she is not inside and as a result of opening the tomb Bonnie’s grams dies from the magic. Through this series Jeremy meets Anna, a vampire at the end of the series he tries to overdose with Anna’s blood in his system to become a vampire but fails. Caroline and Matt start dating and so do Elena and Stefan. Matt’s alcoholic mother comes back into town but it does not last. John Gilbert, the uncle of Elena and Jeremy comes to town towards the end of the season and nobody can figure out why. Turns out that he is in fact Elena’s father to another woman not her mother but was adopted by her thought to be dad. John brought the Gilbert device which Bonnie pretended to despoil as it was spelled by a Bennet witch to work.

Miss Mystic Falls rolls around and Caroline and Elena compete. Elena’s escort Stefan fails to show and so Damon takes his place, Caroline ends up winning as she was most prepared. Damon and Stefan’s past is shown the truth about when they turned. Alaric’s ex Isobel returns to town after he thought she was killed by a vampire which he tried to hunt. In this series Tyler, a friend of the group mostly Matt who was previously sleeping with Vicki kissed Matt’s mother this obviously causes them to fall out. Elena finds out that Isobel is in fact her birth mother.

In the season finale ‘Founder’s Day’ Jeremy is annoyed at Elena for Damon removing his memories of vampires. Damon tries to make Bonnie forgive him and thanks her for stopping the device and she then starts to think about the fact that she didn’t actually do it. Gilbert and Mayor Lockwood start the plan to use the device that only vampires can hear, to try and kill all the vampires. Damon, who has slightly started to fall for Elena tries to fix the issues between Elena and Jeremy by threatening him. Stefan becomes jealous of Damon’s liking to Elena. The tomb vampires plan an attack on the founding families and therefore the secret council. The fireworks go off for the 150th Founder’s Day at the same time the Gilbert Device is set off. All the Vampires fall to the ground, including Damon, Stefan, Anna and the tomb vampires. The police inject every person that falls with vervain. Tyler is able to hear the sound also but is not a vampire and his father the mayor. Tyler crashed the car with Caroline and Matt inside. All the vampires are brought into a basement and petrol is thrown over them to set them on fire. John Gilbert stakes Anna and sets the place on fire. Damon is one of the only main characters that is in the basement. Stefan saves his brother of course. The mayor died in the basement. It is in this episode Jeremy tries and fails to turn into a vampire. Bonnie really starts to feel her power and threatens to hurt Damon if he doesn’t change. At the very end of the episode Damon kisses Elena and the kisses him back, or was it Elena? John Gilbert comes home and confesses his love to Isobel, ‘Elena’ cuts off his fingers, with his ring. It is then shown to be Katherine as Elena returns home asking for Jeremy.

The finale was packed full so more detail was needed. I hope you enjoyed the season 1 round up of my favourite show and if you have not watched it maybe this will entice you to do so. Let me know if you would like a season breakdown for any other season of TVD or any other show and I will do so or consider with other shows. Comment what your favourite series is down below!



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