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Summer 2023 Musician’s Way Newsletter

guitarists performing outdoors - Musician's Way Newsletter“When, through repetition, you practice being inventive and playful, your concerts will resound with those same spontaneous traits.”
The Musician’s Way
p. 53

The Summer 2023 issue of The Musician’s Way Newsletter has arrived in subscribers’ inboxes and is being widely shared.

This new edition explores an array of topics of interest to aspiring and veteran musicians as well as music educators and arts leaders.

Here are some highlights:

Boost Creativity

Although many people enjoy bursts of creativity, steady creating depends on daily habits. One article collects 10 ways we can support ongoing creativity.

Another piece summarizes research showing that, when we’re flummoxed by a creative quandary, a particular type of nap multiplies our ability to find solutions.

Practice & Memorize Efficiently

Whenever we practice, we strive to master material as quickly and securely as possible. We also aim to embed habits of ease and security than enable us to perform at our best.

Multiple articles tackle those and related topics, exploring ways we can practice and memorize efficiently as well as cultivate effortless, tension-free habits.

The Musician's Way Book CoverDiscover Music Industry Trends

Are printed concert programs headed for extinction? One article looks at music presenters who are trying out various forms of digital content.

Another hot industry trend centers around dynamic pricing, in which concert ticket prices can vary based on a range of factors. Do such strategies attract and retain larger audiences? Not necessarily, as an article in this new issue points out.

Learn about New Arts Venues & Recordings

New York City will soon open a new performing arts center, and has debuted others recently, which are described in an interesting essay.

Jazz lovers will be keen to know about a legendary recorded performance by saxophonists John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy, which took place in New York in 1961 and was believed to have been lost. It has not only been found but also remastered and is scheduled for release in July 2023.

Improve Teaching

In music lessons, teachers tend to focus on correcting students’ errors, but research indicates that delving into what students get right and how they do so can lead to deeper learning. This issues captures key information that teachers can apply right away.

Many of us benefit from higher education in a university music school or a conservatoire. It turns out that a number of factors threaten the sustainability of many music schools, as one article describes; it then offers actions that schools can take to ensure that they and their students thrive.

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