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Study Skills Key for Lifelong Success

Difficulty with Studying and Organizing? study skills for lifelong success

Students who have not developed necessary study skills are at a disadvantage in the classroom and as future employees.

Effective study skills are essential to becoming an independent learner, who can function well in both academic and workplace settings. This, in turn, can reduce stress and anxiety, leading to lifelong success.

Interestingly, many of today’s students don’t know how to study, prepare for a test, or manage time. Furthermore, students with ADHD and/or Executive Functioning challenges often lack study skills. Today’s jam-packed school curricula don’t allow directly teaching study and organizational skills. But they should, starting in middle school or earlier.

Signs a person is lacking study and/or organizational skills:

  • Completes homework, but doesn’t hand it in
  • Papers are everywhere
  • Forgets books at school/home
  • Manages time poorly
  • Does major projects at the last moment
  • Becomes anxious when taking tests
  • Does not know how to study for tests
  • Takes poor notes
  • Reads a textbook, but does not remember information

What are study skills? Why are they important?

Study skills enable us to organize and learn effectively. They help us to gain and retain information. These abilities are key to academic and workplace success. They include such skills as:

  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Reading comprehension
  • Note-taking
  • Goal-setting
  • Preparing for exams

It’s never too late – if students understand that the brain can be developed like a muscle, they will be empowered to take control of their learning.

RITES Offers Workshops for Improving Study Skills

RITES offers study skills workshops that focus on improving these key skills:

  • Working memory
  • Note-taking
  • Time management
  • Exam preparation
  • Reading techniques
  • Memorizing information

Students gain an understanding of how their memory works and how information is transferred from working memory to long-term memory. In turn, this enables students to recall the information for tests and quizzes. In these sessions, students practice concrete techniques that are proven to work. Students learn highly effective, active strategies for putting information into long-term memory.

RITES offers small-group workshops and individual tutoring centered on effective studying, organization and test-prep skills. The RITES virtual workshop is designed for students to increase familiarity and facility with digital study and organizational tools. It also improves confidence. Each student boosts the effectiveness of their study and test preparation time. All of this is accomplished through an interactive, friendly, small-group workshop atmosphere. Individual tutoring is a one-to-one experience, that can be in person or virtual. We know not every strategy or approach works equally for each student, so we highly personalize both options. To this end, RITES teachers work with each student to identify and practice what works best for that individual.

Students who start actively learning how to study more effectively today will enjoy lifelong success!

RITES Study Skills Expert Gino Tetreault

Study Skills Workshops for Middle School & High School

RITES offers comprehensive, small-group, virtual workshops. One is just for middle school students, and another just for high school students.  From the comfort of their own home on consecutive Sundays, students log in and engage with a truly dynamic RITES study skills expert, actively:

  • exploring a wide range of tools and strategies
  • consulting on what works best individually
  • putting their plan into practice

RITES continually refreshes this workshop to include the latest effective apps and other new tools available.

Learn more and register

Tutoring for Study Skills & Test Preparation

If the small-group workshop doesn’t fit your student’s schedule, individual tutoring is also an option. RITES tutors can provide the necessary instruction to help students entering grades 6-12 develop and strengthen their study skills and test preparation strategies.

To request more information about RITES tutoring, fill out the form below or call 401-723-4459:




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