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Spring 2023 Musician’s Way Newsletter

pianist practicing - Musician's Way Newsletter“Memorable concerts don’t merely deliver what’s expected; they also take audiences beyond what they can envision.”
The Musician’s Way, p. 211

The newly published Spring 2023 issue of The Musician’s Way Newsletter features tips, ideas and inspiration for musicians, educators and music lovers.

You’ll discover concepts to improve the efficiency of your practice, excel under pressure, and ignite music careers. In tandem, a range of articles highlight musical innovations and important music industry news.

Better Music Practice

Every music student is advised to practice slowly, but do students actually learn optimal slow-practice techniques?

A featured article highlights top strategies for effective slow practice and illustrates how misguided slow practice embeds counterproductive habits.

Other articles illustrate techniques to prioritize practice tasks as well as employ mindfulness to maximize learning and creativity.

Perform at Your Best

Countless musicians wrestle with anxiousness on stage – both aspiring and veteran musicians can be affected.

The Musician’s Way book maps out proven pathways for performers to triumph over stage nerves, and this issue of The Musician’s Way Newsletter expands on those methods with fresh approaches to self-acceptance, musical transcendence, and performance preparation.
The Musician's Way Book Cover

Immersive Arts

Technological advances are making novel arts and music experiences possible.

Articles in this new issue look at emerging types of immersive music events, including one that incorporates a metaverse component

News & Inspiration

As with every issue, this one features stories of musicians who make positive impacts along with articles that facilitate the building of music careers.

Included are ideas to attract new audiences, partner with community organizations, and much more.

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