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Songs with, and without words – New releases, 26 January 2024 – The Cross-Eyed Pianist

Schubert Lieder: Love’s Lasting Power – Harriet Burns, soprano, and Ian Tindale, piano

This is the first joint recording from longtime musical partners Harriet Burns and Ian Tindale, and it celebrates not only the last ing power of love, in its many guises, but also the lasting appeal of Schubert’s lieder. Harriet Burns’ voice is wonderfully expressive and operatic, with a golden tone and clear diction. This is complemented by Ian Tindale’s sensitive, supple playing. Together they highlight all the contrasting colours, nuances and moods of Schubert’s lyrical writing. Recorded at St Mary’s church in Haddington, near Edinburgh, the overall sound is at once resonant and intimate – perfect for this music.

This has been a thrilling opportunity to curate and record a powerful sequence of songs that speak strongly to some of the relationships Schubert held dearest in his life. It is also deeply meaningful music with which we have a close affinity as a duo, and it is a world of repertoire in which we have come to feel at home over the years. 

Ian Tindale, pianist

Harriet and Ian are giving the album’s launch recital at Oxford International Song Festival on Tuesday 30th January at Wolfson College, Oxford. Further information

Released on the Delphian label and via streaming

Mendelssohn: Lieder Ohne Worte (Songs Without Words) – Igor Levit, piano

More lieder, this time without words, and another set of romantic music which has a lasting appeal. Released digitally before Christmas, the CD is released today. This is a very personal project for Levit: the album is his own artistic response to the 7th October atrocities in Israel and the current rise of anti-semitism worldwide.

I made this recording out of a very, very strong inner necessity. I spent the first four or five weeks after the attack on October 7th in a mixture of speechlessness and total paralysis. And at some point, it became clear that I had no other tools than to react as an artist. I have the piano. I have my music. And so, the idea came to me to record these works, the “Songs without Words

Igor Levit

Levit and his team gave their time pro bono for this recording and proceeds from CD/download sales will be donated to to two German organisations fighting anti-Semitism – OFEK Advice Center for Anti-Semitic Violence and Discrimination and the Kreuzberg Initiative Against Anti-Semitism.

Perhaps it is the context in which this recording was created which gives it so much depth and poignancy. There’s strength and passion too, often in the more intimate or tender pieces.

Available on the Sony Classics label and via streaming



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