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Small Things You Need To Do In 2020

New year new me? New decade new me? I for one, am sick and tired of New Years Resolutions which most people do not even keep. Here is a list of things that you can actually change in 2020 but the smaller things that might change this year for the better.

Make more time for those that make you happy. Some people just put a smile on your face and being with them massively improves your mental health and just your mood in general. In 2020 we should make more time for those people, cancel things that don’t make us happy.

Spend more time on things you enjoy. If you have a hobby but you are always tired try make time for that. Or if possible try make money off that hobby which makes it easier to carve time out for.

Drink more water. I am not going to say go on a diet do a health cleanse but just try drink more water okay?

Try at least 1 new thing per month. Whether it is an experience or a new food/drink anything. Push yourself out of that comfort zone and enjoy it.

Try and book a trip. Whether its a holiday or a road trip, give yourself and maybe your friends or a partner something to look forward to this year.

Treat yourself. Reward yourself. Whether you finished that assignment or that project or whatever it is. If you completed something and feel great about it then go out celebrate and really feel yourself.

Care a little less about people’s opinions. I am not saying stop caring bout everyone completely of course some opinions are important but if someone says something or treats you in a certain way that gets you down. Block it out, we do not need to be bringing that negativity in.

Stop procrastinating. I mean please, this one is for me as well. Just being able to do the work as soon as I get it or at least not the day before would be great.

Meet new people. Expand your circle, make some connections. Having a wide array of contacts never hurts and there are so many interesting characters out there let’s find them.

Learn to drive. If you are old enough of course. If you gave been putting it off because you are nervous or scared the this is the year. 2020 is the year you are going to pass your test.

Be happy. Just please above all else be happy. Make happiness your priority this year and every year that follows.

I know this post is a little bit short, I hope you enjoy the New Year Celebrations ad make this year a good one. Thanks for reading!



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