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Review of Quntis Piano Lamp

For a while now I’ve been looking wistfully at my Clavinova and contemplating getting a piano lamp for it similar to the one I received for my acoustic piano several years ago. Needless to say, then, I was thrilled when a representative from Quntis reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their 55” Ultra Wide Illumination Piano Light (although I confess that the 55″ measurement had me baffled at first because I knew the lamp couldn’t possibly be over four feet wide! Turns out the lamp itself is 24″ wide; it’s just the area of illumination that’s 55″…).

Quntis made the process seamless for me: I ordered directly from Amazon and the box arrived the next day.

It was well-packaged and simple to set up. The lamp is two pieces – the base and the light bar itself – that are connected via a DC 3.5 plug. A DC power cable plugs into the bottom of the base and you’re ready to go.

There are several touch-sensitive buttons on the front of the shade that comprise all of the controls. On the far left is a dimmer with four different settings. Next to it is a CCT Change button that allows for four color temperature levels – two cooler levels and two warmer levels. An optional light sensor setting allows the lamp to automatically adjust intensity and warmth according to the room situation.

I am quite excited to have this latest addition to the studio and have already been getting ample use out of it! The lamp retails for $139.99, but Quntis has generously offered a 10% discount code for any Music Matters Blog readers who are interested in giving it a try. Just purchase it using their link on Amazon and use the code FFFCD75Y to receive 10% off (code expires 4/13/2025).



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