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Proven Tips for Attracting Top Talent With Disabilities

Guest blogger: Sandra Polster

The labor market is highly competitive, and employers always look for
ways to distinguish themselves from others. One of the best ways to do that is
to expand your talent pool and attract qualified candidates who may have been

People with disabilities can be an untapped talent source, offering
skills and perspectives that can benefit any organization.
The Bender Bunch discusses some practical
ways your company can attract new hires who have disabilities:


Developing a Stellar Recruiting Document 

One way to attract new employees who have disabilities is to write an outstanding recruiting document. This document should
clearly outline the job requirements and the qualifications the applicant must
possess to be considered for the position. It should also discuss potential
accommodations or adjustments your organization can make for a person with a
disability to successfully perform their job duties. 

Further, make sure your recruitment process is inclusive of people with
disabilities — from advertising job openings on disability-friendly websites to
ensuring all communication materials are accessible formats. 


Cultivating an Inclusive Culture 

It’s essential to create and nurture an inclusive workplace culture where
employees with disabilities feel valued, respected, and
comfortable expressing themselves. To do this, consider creating policies or
programs, like mentoring programs for employees with disabilities or flexible
hours that accommodate their needs. 

Hive Learning notes that you should also create opportunities for employees with disabilities to share their
experiences through internal newsletters or company blog posts. Or, you could
host events that focus on disability rights or awareness (i.e., International
Day of Persons With Disabilities).


Making Your Website More Accessible 

If you want your business to attract all types of talent, your website
must be accessible to everyone. HubSpot suggests making sure people with
disabilities can access
information about your company
easily and quickly

One way to accomplish this is to use common assistive technologies like
screen readers, text-to-speech software, audio captioning tools, and other
technologies that
allow individuals with visual impairments to access your site’s
information. While you’re at it, make sure all images include alt text so that
anyone using screen readers can understand what is being shown in the image


Providing Reasonable Accommodations 

Employers should also provide reasonable accommodations in the workplace
so that employees with disabilities can
perform their job duties effectively and safely while feeling
supported by their employer and colleagues alike. Common accommodations might
include providing specialized equipment or making physical changes around the
office space, such as widening doorways. 

It’s essential that these accommodations are tailored specifically to
each individual’s needs. You don’t want anyone feeling discriminated against
because of their disability; you want them empowered!


Contributing Toward Continuing Education

Offering employees tuition for continuing education is a smart investment
as it helps to keep employees up-to-date on the latest skills and knowledge,
improves job satisfaction and motivation, increases employee retention, and can
lead to increased productivity and a better bottom line for the company.
Whether they’re earning a business degree or
bachelor of education online, virtual degree programs
allow them to learn at their own pace. 



Attracting top talent from diverse backgrounds — including those with
disabilities — is crucial if you want your organization to succeed in today’s
competitive landscape. By following the tips outlined above, including helping
fund your employees’ education, you can position your business to build the
team of your dreams. Just confirm that any job candidate aligns with your
company’s values and mission before making a commitment!



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