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New World Center, Miami, Florida - Audience Development Resources

New World Center, Miami Beach

Audience development should be a top priority of every musician and arts organization.

For musicians and arts organizations to achieve financial sustainability, it’s vital that they develop new audiences and build communities of supporters.

Attracting and stewarding new audiences isn’t easy, of course, but numerous free online resources provide pathways to audience growth, enabling performers and organizations to adopt effective strategies at minimal cost.

In this article, I compile 10 sites offering high-value, free audience development resources.

Online Audience Development Resources (free)

Along with audience development tools, the following websites also offer a range of other information to help arts organizations and independent musicians succeed.

  1. National Endowment for the Arts:
  1. Wallace Foundation:
  1. The Musician’s Way Blog:
  1. Chamber Music America:
  1. Musical America Case Studies:
  1. League of American Orchestras:
  1. Americans for the Arts:
  1. Culture Hive (UK):
  1. WolfBrown:
  1. Createquity:

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