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One Thing a Homeschool Mom Must Do

As a homeschool mom, you just want me to give you ONE MORE THING to do, right?

You have a lot on your plate. Believe me, I know.

Now that my children are graduated, I can reflect on what did and didn’t work in our homeschool and what was time well spent and time NOT well spent. I look back and see the things that truly mattered. I also wish I had done a few things, and I hope you can benefit from my experience!

This blog serves as beautiful documentation of our homeschool journey. I am immensely thankful I kept a record of our learning this way. That leads me to what I want you to consider right now:

How are you documenting your homeschool journey?

What I Wish I Had Done

Let’s clarify. I am NOT talking about grades, curriculum, and what books you read. I am concerned about your thoughts, hopes, and dreams.

Was there something beautiful your child observed one day? Was there something hilarious someone said?

Were you feeling particularly thankful one day? Were you unusually discouraged another day?

I wish I had kept a short, daily record of these things. I visited my sister a few weeks ago, and she showed me her “Some Lines a Day” journal. I ordered one immediately because I knew it was necessary (and ACHIEVABLE!) for me to start this practice.

I have always liked the idea of journaling but have never been able to stick to it. In this journal, however, I only need to write a few sentences each day. (I can do that!)

It is a five-year journal, and each page is dedicated to a day of the year. So, in five years I will be able to look back on (for example) June 7 and see what it was like in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027.

By the time I finish this journal, my son will hopefully be graduated from college, and my daughter will hopefully be finished with Occupational Therapy grad school. I can reflect on the past five years and see what each year held. Not only will this be good for ME, but it will be a treasure for my children and grandchildren one day!

I incorporated it into my bedtime routine to ensure I did this EVERY SINGLE DAY. Before I hop into bed, the last thing I do is open my journal and jot down a few sentences.

(It sits on my nightstand with my ever-growing book stack so I can’t forget!)

I brush my teeth, wash my face, put my miracle magnesium lotion on my legs, and then write in my journal.

A Bonus Suggestion for Memories

One other thing I have been doing for YEARS is using the Timehop App.

It connects to your phone camera and any social platforms you allow, and shows you pictures from years past on any specific day. For example, six years ago today my husband and I were on a trip to the beach celebrating our 20th anniversary! I loved opening my TimeHop today to see that memory:

Life is a busy and wonderful thing. It can also be a hard thing.

It is important, however, to document every step of the way so we can look back and learn, reflect, and grow. Our children, grandchildren – and maybe even generations to come – can look back and see what our life was like, and what WE were like.

You don’t need to be a homeschool mom to benefit from this, but of course I’m always thinking in those terms! 😉

Do you keep a journal?

Tell me about it in the comments below!

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