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Noah Text®: A Structured Literacy Resource 

Do you work with students who struggle to read?

Students struggle with reading for many different reasons: weak working memory, anxiety, dyslexia, ADHD, or English as their second language. Noah Text® can supplement their instruction and bolster reading skills by motivating students to immerse themselves more deeply throughout a range of reading materials and genres. NoahText® provides many benefits, such as:

  • struggling reader and teacherAllows readers to see sound-parts within words for proper decoding and enunciation
  • Highlights syllables and long vowels, while keeping words intact
  • Frees up cognitive resources readers can devote to comprehension
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive, requiring minimal to no instruction
  • Highly effective for developing, struggling, and dyslexic readers, ESL & ELL individuals
  • Increases reading fluency, stamina, accuracy, and confidence

How Noah Text® Supports Structured Literacy Reading LessonsNoah Text logo

The science of reading is finally getting the attention it deserves. We at RI Tutorial have never been so thrilled! We are doing everything we can to arm both current and future teachers with the skills they need to put science into practice in the classroom. Providing quality, systematic, structured literacy to our surrounding communities has always been core to our mission.

We use the scientifically proven Orton-Gillingham approach, and vet our teaching materials carefully, using plenty of truly decodable texts. We also use Noah Text®, a word-level scaffold that continues to show students the structure of words inside and outside the classroom, providing them with independence and enjoyment in reading, while continuing to build skills. Noah Text® was released in 2016 and has continued to gain traction among the reading science community, while expanding its tools for teachers and students.

Research-Based Resource

Noah Text® was designed based on the science of reading, and has been continually studied through its collaboration with New Century Education Foundation and Michigan State University. Consistently, students studied and observed have shown significant gains in reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary, which transfers to plain text reading. It’s shown to do this while building reading confidence and enjoyment in the most struggling readers, from middle school through adulthood. See detailed research here

Noah Text® Learning and Teaching Tools for Teachers and Students

Curious about how Noah Text® can benefit your struggling readers? There are lots of free (or low cost) and useful resources available right now:

  • FREE online StrongReader™ Builder conversion tool
  • FREE Browser Extension that converts web text to Noah Text®
  • Chapter books, early readers, and free printable downloads
  • Software developed by New Century Education Foundation, researchers from Michigan State University and Noah Text®

To learn more, sign up below to attend our FREE webinar on January 31st at & 7:00 pm. We will demonstrate how you can conveniently put Noah Text® into practice with your students!

Author Sarah Blodget and code breakers studnt
Author and Noah Text® founder, Sarah Blodgett, reading and sharing Noah Text® books at the RI Tutorial Code Breakers summer program.



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