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New Digital SAT – Rhode Island Tutorial and Educational Services

The SAT is undergoing another transformation as we pull out of the pandemic years of pause and reconsideration. The College Board has adapted the test, based on many factors and information gathered from the COVID-19 lock-downs, access concerns, and more. Here is some helpful information as you plan for your teen’s SAT experience:

The format change to a digital SAT will be in the Spring of 2024, with the PSAT starting in the Fall of 2023. The new SAT test will affect students in the class of 2025 (sophomores) and beyond. Students in the class of 2024 (juniors) will take the current SAT in its paper-and-pencil, original format. There will be accommodations once the digital platform is implemented. Students with a documented learning difference will have the option of taking a paper-and-pencil test. 

The New Digital SAT: What is the same?

  • Scoring will still be a 400-1600 scale
  • Verbal Section: Reading and Writing
  • Math Section
  • Availability of practice tests on Khan Academy
  • Similar concepts and content
  • Math questions are similar to current paper-and-pencil test

The New Digital SAT: What is different?

  • Format is digital and adaptive
  • Test length is shorter at 2 hours and 15 minutes
  • Scores will be available faster
  • Testing done on your own personal computer
  • A calculator can be used in both math sections (not just one section, as it is now with the current version)
  • Online calculator integrated into the test
  • Availability to take at school during the school day at educational institutions that opt to offer this
  • No bubble (answer) sheets or booklets to fill in
  • Reading and Writing passages are much shorter – up to 150 words (current SAT passages are up to about 750 words)
  • Each passage has only a single question
  • Annotation tool to highlight, underline and take notes

What is a Digital Adaptive Test?

An adaptive test model adjusts the difficulty of questions based on the performance of the person taking the test. Instead of wasting time on questions that are too easy or too challenging, students will spend more time on questions at their skill levels. Adaptive testing allows the SAT to provide accurate scores with fewer questions. However, the SAT’s content won’t change much. The digital SAT is still focused on the same set of math and verbal questions. An adaptive format makes the digital SAT more efficient.

Looking for Personalized Test Preparation?

RITES offers 1-to-1 training, in contrast to large commercial preparation classes, so the student gets continuous, individualized attention from the instructor. While delivering and teaching the required standardized test curriculum to reinforce each subject area, our instructor is simultaneously customizing the approach for each student.

Whether your child is preparing for a placement test for entrance to a private school, ISEE, SSAT or parochial school, HSPT, COOP, TACHS, studying for a GED or getting ready for the high-stakes college entrance exam, the SAT or ACT, your RITES test prep specialist crafts an effective individualized program to increase scores.

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