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New Christmas Tunes Bingo and More Music Games!

One of the tried-and-true games in our studio is Music Bingo. It’s a simple game that works for students of all ages and levels and effectively reinforces musical terms and symbols. I often pull it out for group classes. A while back I began pondering the possibility of creating a Bingo game that would help students cultivate audiation and listening skills as well. Instead of a musical term or symbol, each of the boxes would have a musical excerpt for them to audiate or listen and identify. I decided to give it a try this year starting with Christmas tunes.

48 favorite Christmas tunes made their way into this first run of Famous Tunes: Christmas Edition. Once I got the Bingo game put together I realized that there were many other possibilities for how these tunes could be used to help students develop audiation, listening skills, sight-reading, rhythm, and of course have a ton of fun along the way! So the final result is not one, but 5 game ideas for you to use with your students this Christmas season. The downloadable package includes four files with all the materials and instructions you need to successfully incorporate these games into your group classes (or adapt them for private lessons, of course). And in celebration of 18 years of blogging here at Music Matters Blog, remember that from now until December 1 you can use the code 18YEARS when you checkout to receive an 18% discount on your purchase!



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