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Memrise’s Epic Evolution in Language Learning

Hello, dear language learners and enthusiasts!

Remember when Memrise was your go-to for those ever-so-helpful flashcards? Ah, the nostalgia! But time flies, and so does technology. We’re ecstatic to announce that we’ve spread our wings! With a family of 70 million users, we’ve transformed into the only comprehensive language learning solution you’ll ever need. And guess what? Flashcards are just the tip of the iceberg.

Why Settle for Memorization when You Can Master Conversation?

While some platforms might still be stuck on the rote memorization train (no shade to Duolingo and Babbel), we’ve decided to hop on a jet and elevate your language learning experience. It’s one thing to memorize words and another to use them fluidly in conversations. At Memrise, we’re all about ensuring you’re not just reciting words, but living them.

Bring the World to Your Screen! 🌍📲

Dreamed of learning a language in its native land but can’t hop on a plane? We’ve got you covered! Our nifty AI has been working overtime, fetching an array of YouTube and TikTok videos tailored just for you. But that’s not all! Now, users can submit any video they want to comprehend better, and Memrise will design a bespoke language immersion course from it. What’s more, this course will then be available and free for anyone else wanting to learn. Whether you’re an aficionado of K-pop, a soccer enthusiast, or a budding chef, immerse yourself in a culturally rich, custom-made language journey. Dive into those catchy music videos, understand every word of that sports commentary, or decode the secrets of global cuisine—all from the comfort of your couch.

Ben Whately, our founder, and in-house language visionary states, “It’s no longer just about watching videos—it’s about living the language. Every individual gets a bespoke course, perfectly aligned with their vocabulary and interests. In the vast sea of content, Memrise ensures every learner finds their unique path.”

Chart Your Course, Your Way!

Tapping into the vast tapestry of our user base, we fetch videos that resonate with your goals. Through AI-driven magic, every piece of content is tailored to your proficiency, giving you not just lessons, but experiences.

Our CEO, Steve Toy, has a message for every learner: “No matter where your language journey began, Memrise is your next step. Here, you get to listen, speak, and refine your skills, prepping you for those exhilarating real-life chats with native speakers.”

From Humble Beginnings to Global Impact

Celebrating 70 million users isn’t about numbers. It’s about stories, journeys, and the incredible evolution of language learning. Our commitment has always been to make language learning not just accessible but also deeply personal and engaging.

Curious to see how we’re reshaping the contours of language learning? Pop over to Memrise and embark on a journey that is uniquely yours.



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