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Massachusetts Teacher STEM Fair (09.30.2023) – Center for STEM Education

On September 30th, staff and volunteers at the Center for STEM Education attended the Massachusetts Teacher STEM Fair at Gillette Stadium. The goal of this event was to “empower, inspire, transform, and unleash the power of STEM education!”

We brought the Hexbugs activity and the Paper Rockets activity to provide Massachusetts educators and their families with hands-on STEM experiences that could be applicable to their classrooms. Attendees loved both activities! They were very committed to the Engineering Design Process as they wanted to continue improving and adapting their Battle-Bugs. Despite the cold and rainy day, building and launching paper rockets also proved to be a hit.

While there, we were also able to engage with the other interactive exhibits set up by participants, learn about different ways of STEM outreach and education, and build connections with others working in the area. If you are interested in learning more about the other organisations who were in attendance or the event itself, visit this link!

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