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Make Fun and Easy “Leaf Confetti” Art Mosaics!

Do your kids love hole punching like mine do? There’s something soothing and satisfying about hole punching – not to mention it’s great for developing motor skills and strengthening little hands.

With some paper and a hole puncher, let’s go gather some freshly fallen leaves and make some beautiful autumn “leafetti” (leaf confetti) mosaics. Here’s how:

First, gather a bunch of different leaves – the more color and variety the better! Make sure they are fresh and not dry and crunchy.

Next, grab a hole puncher and get busy. Punch, punch, punch. Empty out the hole puncher intermittently into a small bowl or plate. Now you have “leafetti!”

With a pencil and paper, draw the outline of the mosaic shape you want to make. We used black paper, because I thought the leaf colors would show up nicely (and they did!). Feel free to use white or another color if that’s what you have.

You may also want to do a Google search to look for famous mosaic works of art throughout history, for some inspiration. We simply made autumn-inspired mosaics this time.

Next, fill your shape with glue (we used a glue stick to keep the mess down), a section at a time. If you try to fill the whole paper with glue, it will probably dry up before you get a chance to stick the confetti on it.

Finally sprinkle the leaf confetti on top of the glue. Keep doing this until you fill your mosaic, and enjoy!

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