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Introducing “Navigating Generative AI: A CEO Playbook” 

Course offers decision-makers access to hands-on GenAI labs for learning, strategy development, organization transformation, and risk navigation

By Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO

I have been a CEO for 25 years. During this time, I have witnessed several technological shifts. None has been more exciting and sweeping than the rise of Generative AI. I was at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Davos in Jan 2023 when ChatGPT burst onto the scene and captured the imagination of every global leader at the event. Since then, the world has realized that this technology will transform every aspect of our lives. In the past, we didn’t have many educational tools to navigate seismic shifts as they unfolded. Thanks to online learning, we now have the means to rapidly disseminate knowledge that can transform threats into opportunities.

As I prepare to attend Davos this year, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new course, Navigating Generative AI: A CEO Playbook — a resource for my fellow CEOs and executives worldwide to learn and apply the technology to drive innovation and productivity. The course will help CEOs navigate the “GenAI conundrum”: the ethical, data, and regulatory risks if they move too quickly, but the risk of falling behind agile competitors if they are slow to adopt.

“Navigating Generative AI: A CEO Playbook” will help CEOs and execs:

  1. Understand Generative AI: This course is made by a CEO for CEOs. It gives CEOs a practical overview of the technology’s unique capabilities and limitations and where it may be heading.
  2. Harness the Power of GenAI: It offers practical examples and tools to use GenAI as a “thought partner,” including how to leverage GenAI for information synthesis, setting strategy, decision-making, competitive analysis, and effective communication. Hands-on labs give CEOs secure access to the latest GenAI models that they can use to identify opportunities to create customer value, boost productivity, and develop strategies — all tailored to their business.
  3. Transform Organizations: The course provides a structured approach to organizational transformation. It explains how GenAI transformation is different than anything we’ve seen and equips leaders with the knowledge and skills to help their organizations engage, experiment, and innovate within technological and organizational guardrails.
  4. Consider Ethical, Data, and Legal Implications: The course addresses how to navigate ethical, regulatory, and legal considerations related to GenAI and manage risks in order to move quickly but safely in adopting the technology.
  5. Gain from Expert Perspectives: The course features several guest experts, including Andrew Ng, worldwide AI expert and Coursera co-founder; Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce AI; Steve Jarret, Chief AI Officer of Orange Telecom; and Alondra Nelson, author of the Biden administration’s “AI Bill of Rights.” Expert voices and reading materials will be updated quarterly to reflect the latest genAI developments and research.

The course also offers access to a hands-on lab Playground, running on Google Gemini Pro and hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. This secure, private sandbox environment lets executives not only learn how to use GenAI but also apply the use of this technology to formulate strategic plans and identify specific opportunities to create customer value and boost productivity.

The full impact of Generative AI is still unfolding. However, CEOs will play a crucial role in helping organizations adapt and harness the technology as a tool to transform their institutions and society more broadly. I hope you enjoy the new course, and share your learnings and insights with the wider community.

Navigating Generative AI: A CEO Playbook is available in 20 languages, including Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian Bahasa, and Thai.

Click here to enroll in Navigating Generative AI: A CEO Playbook today.



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