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How to make your period end Faster – 5 Effective Tips

Do not you wish your periods to go faster? Well, this can be done in reality. Yes, you read it right; there are ways to end periods more quickly. Periods can not be put on a fast-forward mode, you can complete it earlier than the usual date. Many healthcare experts have given opinions regarding postponing the menstrual cycle and have monitored their consequences. They have trusted lifestyle changes, good sleep cycles, and stress relief for enhancing periods faster.

The process of shortening and lightening the menstrual cycle is arduous yet effective. If you are also looking for tips on how to make your period shorter while on it? This blog is for you.

How to end the period in 2 days?

Whether you are aware or not, specific techniques can help you end periods faster. In addition, some can be done monthly, while others have to be done by following the doctor approval. You may want your periods to stop soon for a vacation or special occasion.

Let us look into the best ways to make your period end faster.

1. Hormonal Birth Control

Hormonal Birth Control can be beneficial in regulating the menstrual cycle. These pills may aid in shortening the number of days you menstruate. The progestin or estrogen hormones can prevent ovulation by affecting the uterine lining. Spotting in between periods may lessen the menstrual bleeding. Sometimes, the number of menstrual cycles each year is also reduced by hormonal contraception.

2. Take Vitamins

Many types of micronutrients, including Vitamin B, can boost your overall health. They may ease the periods by alleviating PMS symptoms. Furthermore, consuming Vitamin B6 can be beneficial for your periods. Naturally, foods like eggs, fish, and poultry contain concentrated nutrients. Automatically, bleeding can get lighter then a shorter period will happen. However, talking with the best gynecologist in India is recommended before taking such supplements.

3. Choose Herbal Remedies

According to the study, there is no denying that herbal remedies have effectiveness over long and painful periods. Are you thinking about how to make your periods shorter while on it? Then, stick to some promising herbs like ginger and fennel. The consumption of apple cider vinegar can often react positively in prolonged periods. In addition, pain associated with menstruation can also culminate with regular use.

4. Maintain Healthy Weight

Sufferers of obesity may complain about heavier or more extended periods more often. Many can go through severe, painful symptoms for a week also. Further to this, estrogen production from fat cells plays the role of producing painful periods. Speak with your doctor and get some tips to lose weight immediately. Anyway, losing weight alone does not end the periods sooner.

5. Having an Orgasm

According to NIH, individuals can be outstanding with having an orgasm during periods. By doing so, the purpose of ending periods faster can become more meaningful.

Home remedies to make your period shorter while on it

You must believe in home remedies whenever you want to lighten your period. Doctors claim that spices, adequate sleep, and water can make balance in the body to end menstruation quickly. However, the situation can be tackled with a calm mind and body.

  1. 1. Spices:Research says foods may boost blood circulation and heat the body. Many spices, such as ginger, pepper, curry powder, etc, would ensure periods end faster.
  2. 2. Drinking Water: Understand that drinking water may stop blood thickening at once. Your body may remain free from dehydration and wipe off fatigue. This may lead to obstruction in the menstrual flow.
  3. 3. Raspberry Tea: Drinkingraspberry tea may ease heavy bleeding. It could shorten the period duration. Finally, you may have a win-win situation with this beverage.

Can I end my period in two days?

Usually, it is impossible to stop a period after it has started. Despite that, some home remedies can slow down the bleeding for a short time. Still, the period may continue altogether. If you want to minimize the length of periods, speak with your healthcare expert.

Can you shorten your periods by drinking water?

The life-saving water is an assurance of shortening the length of periods. However, it needs to be clarified that water helps stay hydrated during necessary periods. Heavy bleeding can be eliminated, and this excellent water can control fatigue.


If your period stays longer than a week and is heavy, consult your nearest gynecologist. These symptoms may indicate an underlying condition in a female. Focus upon home remedies for reducing the period duration more than medical treatments. Do not be harsh on your body to end periods faster. Be proud to be a woman with a gifted menstrual cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I end periods faster?

By using hormonal birth control or natural remedies, you may be able to end periods faster.

Which tablet can stop periods immediately?

Norethisterone Tablets can stop periods immediately.

Can periods end in two days?

If you follow proper remedies, then periods may stop in two days.

Which Vitamins can slow down periods?

Taking Vitamin B6 can slow down periods to some extent.

Can you stop periods entirely?

Stopping periods entirely can’t be done in reality. If the period starts once, it can’t be stopped.

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