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How To Make An Effective Mind Map (7 Tips)

Many people use mind maps as a way to study, here are some tips to make your mind map effective so you can get the most out of them.

1. Use big titles in the centre – Make it clear what topic each mind map is about. Making this the centre of attention is important. Make the writing bigger than the surrounding text but not make it take up the entire sheet.

2. Subtitles coming off on branches – If it has a large topic then it might have multiple smaller sub-topics within. Make these titles bold as well. Sub-topics are important in mind maps as they help you evaluate the subject content. Breaking it up into smaller chunks means the work is not overwhelming it becomes easier to tackle.

3. Use lots of colour and highlighters – Always include colour in any sort of notes, it immediately becomes more aesthetically pleasing and the colour brings out certain points that you want to emphasise or highlight, if you will.

4. Fill it with helpful information but don’t cram it in – You want your sheet to be full of helpful information but there is no point writing in a really small font trying to fit it all on and it then becoming impossible to read.

5. If you don’t like your writing make it digitally – If your writing is hard to read or like some people just do not like looking back at their work because of the way it is presented then you won’t ever look back so you can create it digitally. Consider using an online template.

6. Take inspiration from other people online – Whether it is the layout or the content itself you can always use Pinterest to find ideas. Make sure the notes are correct before you copy them down.

7. Use diagrams – Including diagrams in your mid maps is especially helpful if you are a visual learner because sometimes when you get into an exam if you can picture a labelled diagram then you are guaranteed marks.

Hope these tips helped you out, best of luck with the studying! Thanks for reading!



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