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How to Make a Teacher Email Signature

Creating a cute but professional email signature is a must have for teachers! An email signature not only looks nice in emails but it saves you time from having to sign your name, and gives the reader information on how to reach you further if needed! Ultimately it saves you typing time as a busy teacher!

Creating the actual signature image and sizing it correctly can be tricky- so I created some templates that you can easily customize and use!

These templates are available to purchase on etsy and are fully customizable- that means you can edit the size, shape, color, fonts, and information to fit your needs. It only takes a few minutes to download, to customizing, and uploading on your email account!

How it works (it’s easy!):

  • Download the file from etsy
  • Click the link and follow to use Canva for fre
  • Time to edit, customize text, fonts, photos, remove or add information
  • Save a Jpeg or PNG and upload as an image signature to your email provider!

Happy customizing!

Want more Canva Templates, check out these All About Me Templates for caregivers!



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