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How to Foster Strong Sibling Relationships — Homegrown Learners

As I write this today, my children are 21 and 18. They are the best of friends, and this warms my heart. They speak truth to each other, support each other, and even help keep secrets from mom and dad!

I do not doubt homeschooling them helped create this friendship.

If you’re ever wondering if you’ve made the right decision to homeschool, remember the sibling bonds that naturally occur despite the curriculum you use or how “capable” you feel as their teacher. Sometimes my kids felt closest to each other when we had the WORST homeschool day because they were all the other had!

Now that I’m officially a “retired” homeschool mom, I can add “strong sibling relationships as one of the benefits” I have witnessed in our journey. What a blessing this homeschool life is.

Don’t take it for granted.

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