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How I Make My Study Time Effective

Generally, if I am studying it is all or nothing. I am either completely and 100% invested in what I am doing or off in a whole different world. To try ad make sure I am focused I generally follow the same routine and it might work for others.

Now this routine generally only works for note based work or sometimes practise papers, if your work require full attention/or silence this might not work for you.

Firstly I find a clear space – I can to think properly if there is too much clutter around me or if I can not spread out all my notes or worksheets I may have. Generally I use my desk, kitchen table or sometimes even the floor as a last resort. Even though I do not recommend the floor as it starts to hurt your back after a while. I also do not promote the idea of studying on your bed as it may seem like a good idea but it is too easy to lose focus and I always seem to end up with pen or highlighter on my covers.

Get everything I need – This includes my books, paper, pens, whatever really. Anything I might need so that I don’t have to keep getting up and losing time. This is why I need such a large area of space.

Get my headphones/Play music – Avoiding contact with my family and distractions by playing some slow pace music to help me study and to make writing my notes more enjoyable. Occasionally I rewatch episodes of tv but again do not recommend as can become distracting. If I am just listening to music I turn my phone onto do to disturb or airplane mode so I ca nt be distracted by social media.

Get my head down and start studying – Usually I will study for 45 minutes/an hour. Then have a small break maybe make myself a drink then carry on for another 45 minutes. Breaking up your time is great because studying for long periods of time without breaks means you stop retaining the information.

Socialise – Once I have finished I have sometimes been cooped up in my room for a couple hours and then it is nice to go and talk with my family or friends or even go out. Quickly reconnect.

If I am doing more practical work such as designs for graphics or photoshop work for photography I will not follow this same structure. To me this work is more enjoyable so I sit with my laptop for a few hours at a time but really enjoy what I am doing so do not mind it. Most of there time I would also have some of my favourite tv in the background.

Hope enjoyed this post! Check out this 35 Quick study Tips if you want any quick tips to help you get through the exam season.



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