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Free Piano Music from Composer Albert Rozin

When I received an email a couple months ago from Will Johnson about a project that he and a team of 4 others were working on, I’d never heard of composer Albert Rozin. Since then, I’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about him and perusing the fabulous website that Will and his team have put together that showcases all of Albert Rozin’s works.

You can explore his piano pieces by level or style, watch video recordings of most of the compositions, and download any piece for free!

For those like me who may have never heard of Albert Rozin, here’s a biographical sketch that Will shared:

“Albert Rozin (1907-1987) was a talented and dedicated composer, pianist, organist, and piano teacher. A self-proclaimed “educational composer,” he published over 100 compositions. And now, 35 years since his passing, a treasure trove of unseen musical compositions was discovered and made available alongside many of his published works. Rozin’s pieces span a diverse range of genres and styles, offering a rich and captivating musical experience.  He lived and breathed music, relentlessly motivated to write and teach music that inspired students. His teaching music is an invaluable resource for piano teachers and students alike.”

Indeed. What a great resource for piano teachers. I hope you’ll check it out and see what gems you can find for you and your students!



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