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Finding Time to Meet as an IEP Team

Finding time to train staff 

Finding time that works in the whole team schedule is difficult. It is not the easiest, but it is very important! There are times when a few of us get time to meet and we are always sure to update the rest of the team if this happens and what was discussed. We continue to look at all of our schedules and review the next month coming up to find where there may be hidden planning time. It may seem impossible in the beginning, however, when we go into determined and confident in finding a time, we can. Some options that we find are when the class is in music, PE, lunch/recess, assemblies, etc. We also look at days where maybe we can get substitutes or meet during our lunch times. Occasionally, meeting after school works best, but there are a majority of days where we can connect throughout the school day. After school may not be everyone’s first choice, however, if you talk with your administration about getting paid for meeting outside of work hours, that is a benefit. Another benefit is having the ability to meet with the entire team in a quiet room without interruptions.



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