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Finding the Right Bag for Oversized Music Scores

A recent member in a Facebook group asked for recommendations for the best case to carry (and protect) oversized band scores. Here are a few recommendations for Wind Conductors to consider.

All of these items are available on Amazon:

  • Large capacity bag made from waterproof material

  • Multi-function – 3 pockets

  • Main Pocket Dimensions: 18.9” x 14.2”

  • 2 Exterior Pockets: 11’x4.3’’ & 11”x11”

  • 2 Back-pack straps for easy carrying

Available in Black, Blue, Coffee, Purple, Pink and more…

  • Large Capacity: The size of the canvas travel backpack is 20.1 x 12.5 x 7.9 inches.

  • Multi-pocket Design: The travel backpack has a main pocket, a 17.3 inch laptop compartment and separate pockets

  • Wear-resistant and Durable

  • Front Compartment: For cellphone, passport, pen, keys, wallet, cards, purse, glasses and other small items.

  • Side Pocket: Durable Elasticized Mesh Pockets, fit water bottle, small compact umbrella or other items.

Available in Black, Blue, Coffee, Floral, and Khaki

  • Heavy duty artist portfolio bag – made of durable canvas, multi-function storage pockets

  • Main bag can fit in size 18”x24”

  • 1 long easel pocket approx 23”long (Can easily hold baton case)

  • 1 small pouch, 1 large pouch, 1 mesh pocket.

  • Design can be used as tote or backpack

Available in Black, Blue, Coffee, Floral, and Khaki

  • Portfolio Case 18 x 24 With Fabric backpack-style shoulder straps

  • Main Pocket Dimensions: 18” x 24’

  • 11×4 – Small accessories (pencils, highlighters, etc.)

  • 11×17 – Note pads & Smaller scores

  • 6×22 – Can easily hold a baton case

Available in Black, Blue, Gray, & Pink

* This is case may be too large for some people



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