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Edward Everett – STEM Field Trips (9.29.2023) – Center for STEM Education

On Friday, September 29th we had our first STEM field tip of the 2023 – 2024 academic school year! On this day, 45 fifth grade students from the Edward Everett School in Dorchester came to learn about engineering (also known as problem solving).

First, the students did the reverse egg drop activity! Instead of the traditional egg drop where you build a device to hold the egg, this activity involves designing and building a device to catch an egg dropped from a height. The goal remains the same: you don’t want the egg to break! In this activity, it is simulating your head/skull (the shell) and your brain (the yolk). We talked about brain injuries and the importance of engineering research in the area of helmets and other protective equipment. We also discussed concepts like force and gravity!

Then we did the paper rockets activity! Students worked in teams to design and build their rockets. There was a lot of creativity at work! With this activity, we explored aerodynamics and symmetry, but also team work, grit, and open mindedness.

Thank you Edward Everett School!


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