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Dr. Brown’s 2023 Crystal Ball Predictions

  1. Muscle testing will become as important as bone density testing as doctors understand the intertwined aging loss of both bone and muscle.
  2. Everything Is Energy” will become a familiar concept and the popularity of energy medicines will surge. You will see more homeopathy, acupuncture, Qi Gong, Reiki, and many other treatments including Chakra balancing and even tuning of the invisible energy fields around the body.
  3. Researchers will discover how to turn sound into bone as they identify the vibrational frequency capable of turning stem cells into osteoblast bone-building cells.
  4. Worldwide there will be a push for universal vitamin D testing as the world assimilates the lessons from the recent flu epidemic.
  5. Government subsidies to the fossil fuel industries will be transferred to subsidies for local fruit and vegetable farming programs.
  6. The limitations of bone density testing by the current DEXA X-Ray system will become more and more obvious igniting a search for better ways to assess bone strength.
    Use of the new Italian ultrasound bone fragility testing device will gain traction in Europe. In the US, however, the medical industry will not embrace radiation-free ultrasound testing of bone, but will promote CAT scan bone testing, despite its radiation exposure.
  7. In the world of bone drug therapy, the abbreviation NNT (Number Needed to Treat) will be the question you ask. By popular demand, the marketing of pharmaceuticals will have to disclose the NNT, that is, they will have to report the number of people treated to get one positive outcome.
    For example, they will have to report that 21 high-risk women need to be treated with Prolia for 3 years to prevent 1 spinal fracture, and that 230 high-risk women have to be treated for 3 years to prevent 1 hip fracture.
  8. Scientists will highlight the link between the dangerous acidification of our environment (oceans, rivers, soils, and air) and the health-limiting acidification of the human body.
  9. Bone health will come to be seen as both a marker of and predictor of total body health.
  10. “May I become as smart as my body” will become the new mantra as science explains to the public the great intelligence within each of us.
  11. Measurement of first-morning urine pH will become as common as brushing your teeth as the word gets out that this simple measurement can tell if you are consuming enough minerals or not.

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