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Christmas Tunes Bingo is a Hit!

At our final group class of the year, we pulled out the new Christmas Tunes Bingo game and gave it a try.

I pulled a musical excerpt out of an envelope and played it on the piano. The students had to guess the name of the Christmas song, then determine which category it belongs to (upbeat, 3/4, 6/8, or 4/4). This led them to the correct column and then they could try to find the tune on their board by trying to audiate the excerpts.

This proved to be a great game for all ages; the older ones enjoyed looking at the younger ones’ boards and helping them look for the tunes. And it also worked well for a combination of in-person students and one virtual student (who joined us for the first half of the group class). I emailed his board ahead of time for him to print out and have ready with little items to mark the squares. Definitely a fun way to send students off into their Christmas break!



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