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Christmas Light Table Activities for the Preschool Classroom

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The light table is a natural choice for celebrating Christmas in the preschool classroom. Here are some enticing Christmas light table activities perfect for adding a special glow to the holiday season, and a free downloadable light table handbook!

Christmas Light Table

Christmas Light Table Pattern Blocks

This super simple Christmas light table activity will keep students coming back again and again! Print out your favorite pattern block mats (pictured below are some free ones from PreKinders) on some white or clear transparency paper. Supply some gorgeous light-table-friendly pattern blocks, and students enjoy making holiday-themed pictures from the different shapes!

Christmas light table

Christmas Light Table Trees

Preschoolers love decorating – so here are some fun choices for decorating their own tiny trees at the light table. This activity is simple to set up and uses materials already found in most preschool classrooms.

Option 1

Read more about the above activity HERE.

Materials Needed:

  • Tree shapes cut from thin paper, like printer paper, or plastic dividers.
  • Translucent plastic beads
  • Bowls (to hold those plastic beads.)

Option 2

This variation is slightly different. Using green painter’s tape, the teacher makes a tree outline on the light table. With either option, students can decorate the trees using loose parts such as buttons, bingo counters, and other small toys to decorate this adorable tree repeatedly!

Read more about the above activity HERE!

Glowing Gingerbread

Students will run as fast as they can to decorate this gingerbread man! Preschoolers practice their fine motor skills using a method similar to that of the trees above: gripping tiny translucent beads to create their own gingerbread masterpieces.

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Ice Exploration at the Light Table

This gorgeous activity comes from And Next Comes L, a mom with some seriously “cool” ideas.

Materials Needed:

  • Liquid Watercolor paints
  • Silicone molds in holiday shapes
  • Clear shallow dishes
  • Eye droppers
  • Plastic spoons
  • Salt
  • Water

Freeze some colored water in the molds. Students use their fine motor skills decorating and melting the shapes while experimenting with different methods. Read more about the process here.

Or, skip the ice and try decorating directly with the water in clear plastic candy molds, like this:

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