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Boost Your Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking with Stories

Even in this simple extract, we learn new words like ‘bustling‘ and ‘monotonous,’ while the engaging narrative holds our attention.

  • Bustling’ is an adjective which means busy and full of activity.  We often talk about a bustling city, office, or work space.
  • The word ‘monotonous’ is also an adjective and means unchanging and boring. We often talk about a monotonous job, speech, meeting, or even a monotonous voice.

Stories provide a fun, immersive way of learning, and making vocabulary stick in your memory. They are also relevant and meaningful, which deepens your understanding of new words. Plus, the emotional engagement you experience while reading or listening to a story boosts retention.

Additionally, stories allow you to see words in context. Instead of learning isolated words, you understand how they fit into phrases and sentences. This not only enhances your vocabulary for IELTS speaking but also improves your understanding of English grammar, another essential skill you need for IELTS Speaking.

In the era of the internet, accessing a wide variety of stories is easier than ever, with books, films, videos, and podcasts at your fingertips.



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