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Ask Us Anything – Taking Your Homeschool (and other!) Questions — Homegrown Learners

If you’ve been a reader here for a while you might know that in the past five years my husband and I have lost three of our parents. They were hard years, but they did bring us a deep appreciation for family and a clarity about what we want our older years to look like.

Life comes full circle, because my husband’s passion for financial security and living debt free kicked into high gear during these years of loss. We began saving aggressively and really watching where our money went.

On my husband’s 50th birthday we sent in our FINAL mortgage payment and we now live 100% debt free. The peace, freedom, and MARGIN that being debt free brings to our life is hard to describe.

We now live life on our own terms. We are free to live, give, and grow as we see fit. We are able to pursue our passions, contribute our time and resources generously to organizations that matter, and I KNOW we sleep better at night.

So now it’s time for the next chapter in our lives – working in the homeschool community to help YOU achieve these same things. I will continue to work in the homeschool and music end of things just like always.

My husband, Hal, has started a new business – another service under the Homegrown Learners umbrella. This business marries his passions for wise stewardship of money and education. He has spent the past year becoming a certified You Need a Budget (YNAB) Coach and is now coaching individuals, couples – and even young adults (think high schoolers and young adults getting ready to “launch”) to help them achieve financial margin in their lives.

He’s been the steady husband and father who has helped me grow a business, cared for our aging parents, supported me schooling the kids, taught finance classes to homeschool high schoolers, and given so generously of himself to everyone he knows.

You know ME because I am the extrovert of the family – but now I want you to know him because he is the one who keeps the ship afloat!



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