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9 Habits You Should Have To Improve Your Life

It can take weeks or even months to create good habits and even longer to quit some bad ones. Here are some of the habits that you should have to make your life better more productive and happier, hope you enjoy!

1. A little bit of exercise everyday, even if it is only 15 minutes walking to a friends or popping out to the shops, a small bit of exercise can be great as you are getting some fresh air. the fresh air really helps lift your mood and exercise improves brain function and can really help you get more ready for the day if done early in the morning.

2. Start everyday with a positive attitude, i know it sounds simple but can often be hard but if you wake up feeling good the day is immediately going to be better than if you wake up with a negative mindset. Personally, at the beginning of my day I play an upbeat song and Alexa tells me the weather for the day to start my day right.

3. Surround yourself with happy people or people that make you happy, there are always some people I your life that when you are with them you feel great and your personalities just compliment each others, then there are other who can make your uncomfortable and generally I just stay away from those people to make my days better.

4. Eat at least 2 pieces of fruit every day, always easy to forget to eat fruit or your “5 a day” but if you have a piece with your breakfast and then a pot or otherwise with your lunch you are done. It really is that easy to slightly improve your diet ands get some much needed vitamins. Plus eating fruit immediately makes us feel healthier and happier.

5. Read at least a couple times a week, making time to read is not that hard even if it only an hour or two a week, you can read for 20/30 minutes on a night before you go to sleep this will get you ready for bed and reading can be a great way to spend your time it is entertaining and you can immerse yourself completely into a book. The screen in your eyes right before you go to bed is not good for you and can strain your eyes or cause them to sting.

6. Limit screen time, spending too much time on your phone or on social media in general is awful it is easy to become addicted. If you have an iPhone then you can check your screen time and I always try to make sure mine is no longer than 4 hours but really try for 3 hours maximum. I do spend more time on my laptop between writing my posts but generally limiting screen time is better for your eyes and social media can often end badly and before you know it over an hour has passed.

7. Plan out your days/outfits the day before, if you plan out your day the day before and lay out your outfit then you already feel organised and ready to go from the moment you wake up. Planing out your days also means you know what time you have left for entertainment or if you need to make time for anything in particular, if you are not worried about times then you are instantly less stress.

8. Sleep at least 7/8 hours & wake up with time to spare, of course getting enough sleep was going to be on this list.After all it is important and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is important for a balanced life and feeling ready for the day. Always wake up with more than enough time to be out of the house on time because then you are not stressed or running around the house trying not to be late. This means considering traffic so you are not late to work or giving yourself plenty of time to get to the bus stop.

9. Save a percent of your earnings each month, if you can save even 10% of what you earn every month and put it all into a savings account you can keep it for a rainy day or for a trip. It is always nice to have some extra money stored away just in case of an emergency or if somethings needs a repair.

Hopefully these nine habits can really help you out, help you to improve your life or make your days that little bit easier. Taking control of your life like we all always want to. Thanks for reading hope you all enjoyed it! ~ ReflectedGhost



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