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9 Educational Gift Ideas For Curious Canadian Kids

Whether it’s Christmas or a birthday, the question of what to give our kids as gifts can be a challenge. After all, who needs more “stuff?” If you are looking for educational gift ideas that will add value to your child’s life instead of just more things, here are some suggestions.

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Kids love getting things addressed especially to them in the mail, and so monthly subscription boxes are a great way to combine learning and fun with the thrill of getting mail. Here are 5 terrific subscription companies worth checking out.

Curiosity Box

Canadian. This monthly activity box is filled with 2-3 crafts and an activity plus everything you need to complete them (including instructions!) based on a theme for the month.

Where to Buy:

Cost: Single boxes cost from $39.95/month. Subscribing ahead helps lower the cost.

Age Range: They offer boxes for a variety of ages: 2-4, 5-8, 8+ (and even adult boxes!)

(We tried out a box in 2014. It might be somewhat different now (the pricing is for sure!), but you can find our review here: Curiosity Box Review.)

My Funvelope

Canadian. “Each month your child’s craft subscription will include four pre-packaged crafts and activities with easy kid-friendly directions. It will also include one STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activity kit focusing on making learning a fun hands-on experience. Everything they need to complete the crafts will be included! Even the glue, markers, and scissors!”

Where to Buy:

Cost: $24/box (Free Shipping in Canada!). Discounts when you pre-purchase multiple boxes.

Age Range: Ages 3-9

(We tried out MyFunvelope back in 2018. It may be different now (including pricing), but you can see our review here: My Funvelope Review.)

Mail Order Mystery

Canadian. This is a really unique gift – with letters, messages, and clues arriving by mail based on the mystery you choose, culminating in a final exciting delivery. They have several options of mysteries to choose from: pirates, princesses, spies, monsters, and even time travel. Kids get their mystery sent directly to them over the course of the challenge and have to see if they can solve the mystery.

Mail Order Mystery

Where to Buy: Visit the Mail Order Mystery website.

Cost: Between $100-$120 depending on the mystery.

Age Range: It depends on the actual mystery you choose, but some are suitable for ages 6+ and others for 12+.

(We tried ( and enjoyed! ) the pirate mystery back in 2016. It was a lot of fun and very memorable. You can read about our experience here: Mail Order Mystery: Pirate Mystery Review.)

World in a Box

Canadian. This geography themed box sends your kids (and the company mascot Patrick the Beaver) out to the world to learn about all different kinds of places, people, and countries with maps, activities, foods, crafts, and more.

Where to Buy:

Cost: $49.99/box. Discounts available for subscriptions of multiple boxes.

Age Range: 7-10+

(We tested out a box from World in a Box in 2022. It was engaging and my kids liked it – especially Patrick! You can read our review here: World in a Box Review.)


Kayak Magazine

Canadian. Available in a print or a digital format, this magazine is a kids’ magazine all about Canadian History. It includes fiction stories, graphic adventures, and more!

Where to Subscribe: Kayak Magazine

Cost: $14.95 for 1 year (4 magazines) either digital or print

Age Range: Grade 2-7


Canadian. OwlKids offers fun children’s magazines. There are 3 different levels: CHIRP is for kids ages 3-6, ChickaDEE is for kids ages 6-9, and OWL is for 9-13 year olds. Each magazine is packed full of colourful pictures and articles, comics, and other fun activities.

Where to Buy: Subscribe to the magazine through their website – OwlKids

Cost: $35 – $60, depending on the magazine.

Age Range: 6-13 years old


Pathfinders Design and Technology

Canadian. This company specializes in wooden model kits. Designs include working hydraulics, good old-fashioned catapults, movable characters like dragons, and even recreating Leonardo DaVinci’s creations.


Where to Buy: Many educational stores carry this company’s products (like Learning House!) , or you can order straight from the company website,

Cost: $25 – 40, depending on the kit.

Age Range: 9-14+, depending on the kit.

(We had the opportunity to try some kits back in 2014. The options available might be different now, but we had a great time building a hydraulic claw and a trebuchet! Here is our post about it: Pathfinders Design & Technology Review.)

Family Pastimes

Canadian. This company creates and sells co-operative board games, which makes them a great family gift. The games are designed to help teach sharing and working together.  Some of the game titles are fun – like “Shh! Mom’s Asleep”, “Ice Breakers to the Rescue,” and “Stop the Presses!” There are games for every age range too – from 3 years old to adults.

Where to Buy: Take a look at their website, 

Cost: $10 – $30 depending on the game

Age Range: 3-Adult, depending on the game


Canadian. This game is a scavenger hunt designed to not only be fun, but also to help develop reading skills. There are two editions – the original game which is for early readers, and the riddle edition which is for more advanced readers who can solve problems while running around the house.


Where to Buy: You can order from (affiliate link) Amazon or the Ukloo Website.

Cost: Approx. $20

Age Range: Original game for ages 4+. The riddle edition is for ages 7+.

(We have both editions of this game. It’s fun and often requested even now that my kids are older. We first tried them back in 2014 – you can read our review here: Ukloo Review.)

Investing in educational gifts for children not only brings joy and excitement but also cultivates a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. Whether it’s fostering creativity, enhancing critical thinking skills, or sparking curiosity, these educational gift ideas go beyond mere entertainment – while keeping them off screens. (A challenge in this day, for sure!) Happy gifting!

If you need more ideas for gifts, try this list of Dollar Store Gift Ideas.

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