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65 Stocking Stuffers Ideas

I know stockings can often be hard to fill with smaller, generally cheaper gifts which usually act as more of token gifts than actual presents you want to sped a load of money on. so here is a quick list of 65 stocking stuffer ideas for all members of the family or anyone else you may need to buy gifts for. Hopefully this can relieve some of the Holiday stress.

For Anyone

1. Socks – a basic Christmas gift loved by all often bought by grandmas but they are usually cheap and can fill a stocking quite quickly.

2. Water bottle – Whether its a chilly or a basic water bottle this is a great gift for any. you know and can be as simple as you’d like.

3. Slippers – Nothing better than cosy slippers on a cold Christmas Day.

4. Treats/ snacks – Christmas sweets to last us through to the new year.

5. Chocolate – I mean just come on, what is Christmas about…

6. A beanie – One of my personal favourites, keep the cold out this winter.

7. A hoodie/sweatshirt – Always great especially the fluffy or oversized ones for the girls.

8. Earphones – You can never have enough pairs lying around.

9. Scarf – Another winter essential.

10. Mug – Two words… ‘Hot chocolate’

11. Travel Mug – Again, we all love hot drinks around Christmas time.

12. Gloves – No explanation needed.

13. Phone Case – A cute token gift for anyone you love.

14. Book – The book lovers will thank you. A fresh book, is not much things that are better

15. Magazine – An easy gift that could be picked up from literally anywhere.

16. Mini diary – Getting prepared for the new year.

17. Notebook – Can’t ever get enough.

18. Pack of cards – Keeping you entertained through the holiday month.

19. Card Game – Family fun… or that’s how it begins.

20. Hot chocolate kit – A cute gift looks like you’ve really thought about it.

21. Mints – Maybe a gift, or a suggestion…

22. Keychains – Could represent them or be from a place they’ve travelled or just fun.

23. Candy Canes – A traditional Christmas treat.

24. Phone Charger – Who can ever have enough because they seem to disappear…

25. Gift Cards – When you know where they like but not what they like.

26. T-shirts – Easy to fill up the stocking quicker with something larger.

27. Tree ornaments – It is bit late but can be nice to put up for a few days only.

28. Hand-warmers – Winter is just cold okay.

29. Snow globe – Classic prop in every Christmas film.

30. Puzzles – Name a better way for the family to eat for dinner to be ready?

For Her/Mum

31. Scented Lotion – Always an essential for every mum.

32. Candle – Can not go wrong, multipacks from yankee candle recommended.

33. Lip Balm – Cheap, easy, done.

34. Nail Polish – Not for everyone but always appreciated.

35. Bath Bomb – Lush is the way to go with their Christmas bath bombs.

36. Sleep Mask – Making sleeping even easier.

37. Face Mask – Essential in the night time routine.

38. Eyelash Curlers – Make sure they have the rubber band or they won’t thank you.

39. Hair Tie – Because they get lost too easily.

40. Scrunchies – Being a VSCO girl is still in right?

41. Make Up Brushes – Might wanna check what brands they like first.

42. Earrings – Jewellery always nice to receive.

43. Perfume – Easier gift to find most places or order online.

44. Throw/ Blanket – Cuddling up in front of the fire. Yes please.

For Him/Dad

45. Cufflinks – For those special occasions.

46. Video Games – For your S.O, if you want them to be obsessed with it of course.

47. Bottle Opener – Possibly also a keychain or a wall mounted one?

48. Deodorant – I think the only option is LYNX… Africa right?

49. Cologne – A gift to yourself as well.

50. Mini sized alcohol – Cute, like you get on flights or in hotels.

51. Wallet – Classic. Leather.

For the Kids

52. Sweets – I mean they only really want sugar right?

53. Crayons – Keep them busy, make sure they’re easy to wash off though.

54. Gel Pens – Glittery ones taking it a step further.

55. DVD – The Christmas classics only of course. Or maybe Frozen.

56. Bouncy Balls – Be prepared for the banging with this one.

57. Christmas outfit – For younger kids, Elf is especially effective.

58. Yo-yo – Spending hours trying to finally get it.

For the Pets (Mostly Dogs/Cats)

59. Treats – I mean they don’t know why but nice to treat them.

61. Toys – Preferably Christmas Themed.

62. Outfits – More fun fro you than for them.

63. Bed – My dog loves to spend time in his fluffy bed. 10/10 would recommend.

64. New collar/lead – As long was you the take them out they’ll be happy.

65. Dog/cat/animal friendly cupcakes – Bake or buy them in.

Hope this post can make filling those Christmas stockings a little easier. If you have any additional suggestions leave them in the comments. Thankyou for reading!



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