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51 Crazy Things That Actually Happened In Riverdale

Now Riverdale seasons 1 through 4 has been quite a crazy ride. So here is a list of 51 crazy things that have happened through the show. These won’t be in order of seasons I apologise if that makes this list hard to follow but I am afraid that is how it is.


  1. Cheryl thought she was being haunted by a doll. As every teen has to experience as one point in there life surely? No just Cheryl okay.

  2. Cheryl thought she absorbed her brother in the womb. It turned out she did not, so I guess we shall just breeze past this then right okay…

  3. Cheryl is talking to her brother who was dead and is now stuffed. She just keeps his corpse in her chapel so she can talk to him whenever she wants. Toni was not too surprised honestly but after everything else who would be shocked.

  4. Jughead’s teacher killed himself and all the classmates just watched. Was super creepy but we won’t ask them about it we shall just move on I suppose.

  5. Jughead was buried alive. By his classmates at stonewall prep. That is one creepy group of students.

  6. Archie was attacked by a bear. He lived don’t worry, every teenager could take on a bear with only some boxing training and a couple scars to show for it at the end of it.

  7. Betty and Jughead are dating and share a brother. How is ‘our brother’ I mean this show is just incest couple after incest couple.

  8. Betty and Jughead are dating and so are their parents. They dated in the past, hence the shared brother and now they are back together despite their children being a couple.

  9. Cheryl went to conversion and never reported it. They were running a gay conversion centre and she escaped but I guess why tell the police it’s not like there are other people suffering or anything. Toni saved you though so…

  10. Hiram has a secret daughter. Not sure why they have brought this storyline in, like Veronica did not have enough family issues.

  11. Betty’s father was a serial-killer. She may have the gene so that cool I guess.

  12. Veronica set a man on fire and nothing happened. No police investigation nothing because that is just how Riverdale is nowadays.

  13. Archie started multiple violent gangs. Maybe he deserved prison?

  14. Jason and Polly had children but were actually related. More incest thanks CW.

  15. Archie dated his teacher. Grundy, who was never incriminated but then I guess the black hood did kill her.

  16. Cheryl burnt down her house. Much easier ways to deal with family issues but as Cheryl is a Blossom it had to be dramatic.

  17. Cheryl cut off her mums oxygen supply. It is never enough with her.

  18. Betty becoming dark Betty with her wig. This was so creepy and they almost ever talk about it.

  19. Betty performing a strip tease. In front of way too many people.

  20. Chic pretended to be Betty’s brother. He just lived in their home knowing it was not him.

  21. Chic is dating Betty’s actual brother Charles. A plot twist we recently learned.

  22. The entire Gryphons and Gargoyles game. I mean why was it like real and just so so addictive. And that’s not enough do let’s just ad some drugs in there.

  23. Dagwood and Juniper levitating. They were literally thrown in a fire. We never addressed this.

  24. The entire cheer squad having seizures simultaneously. Coincidence? I think not.

  25. The farm harvesting organs. Your regular run of the mill cult.

  26. Evelyn Evernever pretending her husband was her dad. I don’t even know with this one.

  27. That awful clapping at the end of The Heather performance. I don’t get why they all clapped at once. Cult regime?

  28. The Vixens going to the prison to sing Jailhouse Rock. Like that would ever be possible or allowed just because earthy were on the other side of the fence.

  29. The underground fight ring at the prison. Nothing can just be what it seems.

  30. Veronica opens her own speakeasy. Running a business herself, sure.

  31. Polly is in an asylum. And her family never visits her.

  32. Hiram leaves his own prison whenever. What is the point in the prison then?

  33. Archie goes after a gang. By himself, beats up 5 men.

  34. Random VCR tapes show up at everyone’s houses. Nobody looks for the cameras.

  35. Everyone still has a tape player? In a world of instagram and MacBooks in Riverdale they still have these…

  36. Betty creepily sings happy birthday to Jughead. I do not understand that scene.

  37. The entire Blossom family. What is their deal really?

  38. Cheryl forcing Archie to be her date. Recently Madelaine has confirmed Cheryl to be a lesbian so I suppose she was just lonely.

  39. Cheryl stalks Josie. Slight obsession she had.

  40. Jughead was homeless. Nobody ever noticed, slightly worrying.

  41. Jughead becoming a gang leader. His father lets him run a gang.

  42. Veronica getting into Yale. I mean how? Between Archie, her father and her business I have no idea when she even studied for her exams to be able to get into Yale.

  43. Jughead’s mum reopening the drug trade in Riverdale. Turning the trailer into a drug lab. Ok cool.

  44. Midge’s public homocide at the end of The Carrie musical. How is this school still open?

  45. Jughead cutting off Penny’s tattoo? I have no idea at this point honestly.

  46. Veronica Lodge’s disguise. Who was she fooling really with that wig?

  47. The constant changing members of the pussycats with no acknowledgement. They just transform with no recognition.

  48. Archie escaping from prison. I guess now he just roams the streets free of punishment.

  49. The entire town got quarantined and cut off. Convenient for some.

  50. Alice helped Chic kill a drug dealer and then bury the body. She did it to protect him she says but surely there was other options.

  51. Finally, Penelope Blossom runs a brothel and Sheriff Keller is a frequent visitor. The Blossoms I told you.

Hope you enjoyed this list of 51 crazy things that happened in Riverdale. This is no reflection on the show I love it really no matter how crazy the storylines become and I know I included Cheryl a lot on this list that is because she is slightly mental but is in fact my favourite character as Madelaine Petsch plays the role so well. Let me know what the weirdest thing you guys feel was! Thanks for reading



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