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5 Ways to Improve Your Morning

Non of us wake up every day feeling brilliant, that’s true. But we can often do little things in the morning to make sure the rest of our day goes a little smoother, even if it means we actually have to get up and stop snoozing our alarm.

1. Don’t snooze it.

We all snooze our alarm clocks because we want another couple minutes in bed. In reality snoozing your alarm clock means when you fall asleep and have to wake up 10 minutes later you’ll feel worse and be pressed for time.

2. Leave 20/30 minutes spare time.

If you wake up 20 minutes earlier then you can sit and enjoy your breakfast or enjoy some morning tv. Whether it is yoga and exercise or just relaxing it is better to prepare yourself for the day with a bit of me time early in the morning.

3. Make yourself a good breakfast.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and well it certainly is my favourite. Whether you enjoy a full English or a bowl of cereal make sure you leave yourself time to make it and enjoy it. My personal favourite breakfast for a weekday is a fruit smoothie and a bowl of cereal. If it is the weekend I might have a crumpet or pancakes or even go out for a full English if I am hungry. Just make sure you’re not leaving the house for the day on an empty stomach.

4. Make yourself a coffee.

Whether its in a travel cup to go or to enjoy before you leave coffee can really wake you up for the day. This is of course only if you’re a coffee drinker if not don’t force yourself because then it is not enjoyable. Personally I am not the biggest coffee drinker, generally I only enjoy sweeter drinks so I have caramel coffees or stick with water/orange juice in the mornings. Just stay hydrated please.

5. Get your outfit together and prepare to leave.

You do not need to be stressed and throwing clothes on then running out of the door. Plan out an outfit and make sure you have all the things you need together for the day in your bag or car. This way you won’t be forgetting anything.

Hope this helps improve your mornings. Thanks for reading, subscribe for more!



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