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5 Binge-Worthy Shows I Have Loved

Here are some of my favourite shows which are long enough to binge and certainly are worth it! Hope you enjoy these and check them out! Most of these are available on Netflix because that is where I watch most of my programs. There are many many more but these are 5 that I really love. I would like to add that I also really like ‘FRIENDS’ but I did not include that in this list as I think if you are going to watch it you already have because it is a very well known show.

The Vampire Diaries – With 8 brilliant seasons and then 6 season of Originals to follow on and now even Legacies on it’s second season it is no secret that this show was a success, I mean how many shows have a spin-off with a spin-off the fans are loyal to say the least. I can not express how much I enjoyed this series from season to season so much crying and what an emotional rollercoaster it was. I have rewatched and relived this series almost too many times. When it came to an end it was honestly emotional. I could not recommend this series enough. If you like the supernatural genre and have not watched this then I do not know what else you have been doing. At the end of season 3 you can start originals and that’s when it gets even more interesting. Not to be watched lightly though this programme requires attention to watch all 8 seasons of TVD, with 23(ish) episodes per season 40 minutes a piece. You easily have over 100 hours of tv to watch. If you are going to binge this one make sure you have a few days free…

The Big Bang Theory – This show has come to an end this year sad for all the viewers, 12 seasons of our favourite scientists and engineer. So many smart jokes and throughout the seasons you see so much character development. So many twists and turns with the women coming into their lives, marriage and their family relations. If a season runs for 12 seasons then I mean it obviously is well rated and beloved by all. Penny develops a lovely brotherly relationship with Sheldon which is nice to see. This one is easier to watch as you don’t need to pay full attention to the screen as each episode does not completely follow from the last and the storylines are not complex so are easier to follow.

Gossip Girl – This is one of the older series starting in 2007 finishing in 2012. I watched this a few years ago from a recommendation from a friend. It is based in the Upper East Side and it follows a group of very wealthy friends going through high school. A digital troll follows the lives of the popular wealthy kids and posts updates about their life. They face some issues that are not what a normal teenager would experience to say the least going through scandals and businesses. But when season 6 comes to an end it all wraps up and makes for a great series. Would highly recommend would say it is more for the females over the male gender. This series has Blake Lively in it as a main character and she is a great actress it also has Leighton Meester and Penn Badgely who now stars in the hit Netflix show ‘You’

That 70s Show – This season is set in the 70s but actually ran from 1998 to 2006, so it is mostly based on stereotypes of fashion and hairstyles. Such an easy to watch program for when you want to relax. It follows a group of high school student stuck in a small town going through relationships and most of the normal teen stuff such as drugs, drinking and relationships. In the later seasons changing to more life issues. This show stars Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and Laura Prepon, Prepon also stars in my next show.

OITNB (Orange Is The New Black) – This show is diverse in so many different ways, with different ethnicities, sexualities and backgrounds. Each character has a completely different story and I really enjoy how inclusive this program is. An extremely popular Netflix show that has just ended this year. It follows the stories of every woman in the prison and what they did to face their time. It highlights some of the issues in female prisons. But do not be fooled by these matter as this series is absolutely hilarious, though I would not recommend to younger teens, this show I believe is rated 18 but certainly do not watch if you are younger than 15 as it is not suited to that demographic. But if you are older and looking for a new series these 6 seasons should do the trick.

Hope you enjoyed the list of binge worthy shows and if you check any of them out let me know what you thought! Thanks for reading!



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