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5 Advanced Idioms for IELTS Speaking

While many resources group idioms by topic, the idioms given are actually often not useful to talk about that topic. For instance, try searching for idioms about food and you will find idioms like the following:

  • Like two peas in a pod = to be very similar
  • It’s a piece of cake = to be easy

These aren’t directly about food and don’t help you talk about food.

A much more useful idiom to talk about food might be

  • To wolf something down = to eat something quickly

So, if I want to talk about food and let’s say my eating habits, I could say,

In the morning I am often in a rush, so I wolf down my breakfast and then head off for work.

This is why my new book and online course ‘Idioms for IELTS Speaking’ [Coming Soon!] has grouped together idioms that help you talk about different topics, not just give idioms with related words.



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