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15 Winter Art Projects for Kids

If you’re looking for inspiration for winter art projects for kids, you’re in the right place! Each activity in this list of art projects for kids is inspired by the weather of a blustery winter season.

That makes these winter art ideas perfect for passing time while staying inside on those chilly, winter days. You can even take some of the art activities outside if you’re up for it!

In addition to encouraging creativity and experimentation, the winter art projects offer opportunities to practice a variety of early learning concepts. And, of course, they’re lots of fun!

10 winter art project ideas for kids with text that reads winter art projects for kids.

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In each of the preschool themes we cover in the classroom, I try to include activities for a few main categories: literacy, math, music, art, science, and sensory exploration. And sometimes, an activity fits into multiple categories. Many of the winter art projects for kids do just that!

Why Plan Winter Art Projects?

Art is one of the best ways for kids to express themselves. It’s important for them to have a creative outlet. On top of self-expression and creativity, there are lots of learning opportunities hidden within each art project.

Here are a few of the skills kids can learn from art projects:

  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Color identification
  • Color theory
  • Counting
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Symmetry
  • Measurement

Now, this list is a good start, but it’s certainly not exhaustive. And the benefits will change based on each project. But I think the main goal of any preschool activity, including these winter art projects for kids, is for the kids to have fun! Learning activities become so much more impactful for the kids when they are having fun and fully engaged.

Materials for Winter Art Activities

In my experience, the key factor in staying organized while planning preschool activities is gathering all the necessary materials before getting started.

Of course, the materials list will change depending on the project you choose. But there are a few materials that come to mind when it comes to winter art projects for kids (I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post):

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Winter Art Projects for Kids

Now, let’s go over the winter art projects! Click on the individual links for more information about each activity. I’ve tried to line up the links with their corresponding images in the collages.

4 winter art project ideas for kids

Let the kids experiment with a new art material as they create bleeding tissue snowflake art.

Grab a few recyclables and let the toddlers and preschoolers go to town on their snowball paintings!

Engage the kids’ senses as they make this sweet handprint winter tree keepsake.

Watch as the kids turn the snow-covered ground into a beautiful display of vibrant colors with this snow painting activity.

4 winter art project ideas for kids

Have students use oil pastels to experiment with cool colors on a black background as they create their winter tree art project for kids.

Add white snow, a blue sky, and some colorful trees to make some really beautiful winter tree scene.

Plan for a few days to finish the winter wonderland art. The stunning winter’s night scenes are well worth the wait!

Let children test a variety of watercolor resist techniques as they create their windy day winter sky art.

4 winter art project ideas for kids

Have the kids use simple and fun watercolor techniques to create a snowy scene with this winter watercolor art.

Be sure to hang these recycled CD snowflake mosaics somewhere in the sun. Then everyone can enjoy the beauty that comes with the refracted lights from the broken CD.

Show the children how to use a novel painting technique to create this press painting snowflake decorations.

Teach kids how to paint on ice and let them delve into a rich sensory activity that results in gorgeous art that evolves as it melts.

3 winter art project ideas for kids

Take the kids for a walk to forage for twigs. Then come back to the classroom to let them create this winter tree art for kids.

In this set of pet art activities for preschoolers, students make snowy animal tracks using toys and white paint.

Get out the construction toys and let the kids play and create with the snow trucks art activity!

Be sure to save these winter art projects for future reference! A Winter Activities Pinterest board is the perfect place to do so.

More Winter Activities for Kids

Winter can seem like it lasts forever. Especially when you’ve got a classroom full of antsy preschoolers. But planning and prepping hands-on activities to keep them engaged certainly helps. Make sure your winter lesson plans are full with even more winter activities:

Just pick out a few of these activities, along with some winter art projects for kids, and your winter preschool theme is ready for the week!

Winter Lesson Plans

It is such an honor to help children learn and grow throughout their time in our classrooms. But sometimes that honor comes with the stress and huge time commitment of lesson planning. That’s where Preschool Teacher 101 comes in! We have created hundreds of done-for-you preschool resources to help relieve stress for teachers like you.

The winter art projects for kids will fit right in with these winter lesson plans! Click on the image below to learn more about the product:

Cover of preschool winter lesson plans.

We have no shortage of winter-themed resources. Click on the images to learn more about each resource:

hibernation lesson plans product cover
Hibernation Lesson Plans
Cover for this is the way (winter) song pack for preschool and kindergarten.
This is the Way Winter Song Pack
hot cocoa math activities
Hot Cocoa Math

If these winter-themed resources seem like they will work well with your teaching style, consider getting a Preschool Teacher 101 membership. Members have regular access to our products at a discounted rate.

You can also find us on Teachers Pay Teachers.

10 winter art project ideas for kids with text that reads winter art for preschoolers.



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