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10 Christmas Films You Need to Watch Before Christmas 2019

I know Netflix is what I have shown in the images but not all of these films are available on Netflix. But here is a rundown of 10 Christmas Films you need to have watched before this Christmas, if you doing watch them then let’s be honest you’re doing it wrong. These are some classics and some of my personal favourites.

1. Nativity – This is straight up there on the list, I may have watched this film a few times (or a dozen) this year already. A real favourite of mine between the music and the final performance I mean I honestly can not imagine Christmas before this film. The fact it is on Netflix UK makes it the whole while better.

2. Elf – I mean seriously, imagine making a Christmas movie list and not including this film. Buddy the Elf trying to find his father and on the way finding love and a whole lot more is great enough but with his confidence and constant singing he sure makes our way into our hearts.

3. How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Not the new one of course, I mean the classic from 2000 that we all know and have loved for years. A man who seems mean but shows the true stupefy of how he was tormented and has grown too hate people. He is a spirit animal really and many have recreated his iconic scene where he can’t decide what to wear. This film shows how Christmas changes people, Cindy Lou sets out to help the Grinch and refuses to stop despite his best efforts.

4. Polar Express – Now this certainly is not my favourite and it was never my cup of tea, as it were. But my family loves it so I watch it every year the storyline follows a young boy who embarks on a journey to the South Pole and meets some special people on his way who make his travel great. It is a Christmas classic so I just had to include it.

5. Arthur Christmas – One small mistake causing a huge break in the system this movie is great with little jokes throughout and shows how this one person cares about Christmas and every single person. If you have younger kids watch this and show them how special they really are to Santa and shows that their letters get read and matter. Keep them young and believing for as long as possible.

6. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York – I am sorry if you prefer the other Home Alone Movies but number 2 is my favourite. The entire storyline the trick and pranks and eve the New York setting are what makes this an amazing film to me. A 10 year old boy being followed by some thieves, but he manages to stick it to them every chance he gets. Extremely clever and a funny family film.

7. The Santa Clause – A clever play on words that maps out the basis of the film. A beloved Holiday film of mine. A man stuck in the new job of Santa trying to deliver Christmas on time. Truly a must watch especially if you prefer your Christmas films not to be animated.

8. Love Actually – Now some people watch this all year round and say it isn’t a true Christmas film it just happens to happen at Christmas but the storyline is affected by the holidays and technically it is so it is going on the list. This film has some big name sin it such as Colin Firth, Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant, the cast adds to the film that captures the magic of Christmas. The separate couples storyline all manage to overlap allowing a flowing film which is intricate and from the families to the performances this film is really a top tier Christmas movie.

9. A Muppets Christmas Carol – A remake of Dickens’ Christmas Carol. Now you might of read this book a million times if you did ti at school like I did so may hate the original but with the muppet’s portrayal of this classic it takes a turn for the better with a unique cast. Miss Piggy and Kermit making for an interesting Cratchit family and is a huge improvement from the black and white original. A film the kids might actually want to watch because the muppets are never dull.

10. Bad Santa – The last film on this list, not to watch with the younger ones. This film has a 15 age certificate as you can tell by the title this is not your regular holiday fun filled film. The main character, Willie and his sidekick dress up as Santa and an elf and try to rob the shopping mall at Christmas time but along the way befriend a young boy who derails their plans. Maybe not the film you want to share with the kids until they’re older or maybe not at all.

Hope you enjoyed this list of all the films you should definitely be watching before December 25th rolls around. Better be going now there’s only a couple weeks left to get them all in. Let me know your favourite Christmas films in the comments.



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